Hello 🙂

How are you, I’m Becky; a 20 something nail polish and beauty buying fanatic! If there’s a new mascara on the market, or new nail polish release I’ll be popping into a shop and buying it- especially if it’s a bargain!

Since getting into blogging in 2015 and  finding new products, new brands, DIY’s, recipes to try I’ve loved trying and creating my own posts too! I’m always honest in my reviews  as that is the most important thing to me. Blogging is a hobby and I suppose (as cliche as it sounds) a sort of creative outlet for me!

From baking to bargains, beauty & skincare..I love to try all sorts of things!

Thank you so much for stopping by here on my little blog,  if you like what you read give that follow button a click  and do leave me your blog link!

Regular Posts : Monday  /   Wednesday   /   Friday

All Images Are My Own Or Free / Un-Copyrighted

Contact : anotheronecalledbecky@hotmail.com



6 thoughts on “A B O U T

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