MakeUp Revolution Pro Hygiene Solid Brush Cleaner : A £5 Beauty Bargain?

Hello 🙂

I am SO excited to be typing this post today as I get to share this amazing bargain beauty find! You know I can’t keep these finds to myself haha..

As always, I may be a little late to finding this beauty gem- but I haven’t seen anything really about it on the blogging-shpere’! I hope this little review post can be helpful- do let me know if you love this product too 🙂

– MakeUp Revolution Pro Hygiene Solid Brush Cleaner : A £5 Beauty Bargain? –


You guys know my love for bargains and beauty products- even better when I can combine to two- and when I found this beauty the word had to be heard!

I’m sure we’re all familiar when the Revolution brand; with the sister Freedom & MUA brands also. Until a recent Superdrug spree I didn’t realise they also do, or have started to do, brush / tool cleaning products! However the ones in store weren’t in the best state so online we went and for £5 I thought it was worth a try.. I always prefer an sanitising / antibacterial product as I suffer from oily, acne prone skin. 

W H A T     D O E S    I T    C L A I M  ?

Looking on the product has only a handful of reviews, but all are 4.5* –

A portable brush cleaner provides effortless, no mess on the go brush cleansing. This effective solid brush cleaner dissolves the makeup and gives your brushes a deep cleanse keeping them maintained. It is the perfect on the go cleaning essential. Wet the brush and gently place into the solid brush cleanser until it starts to foam and this will remove the residue. Rinse with the brush and leave to dry. Keep the balm clean and ready for the next use by running under water.” 

(£5 for 100ml solid product)

D O E S    I T     W O R K  ?

So, time for the big test- does it work!?

Simple instructions to just dampen the tool, swirl in the balm, work the product into the tool and rinse to clean. And it really is that simple; I made sure my brushes (foundation, powder, eyeshadow) were well used before cleaning, sure enough in a few minutes all brushes were clean! I did two passes with the foundation brush as it get pretty clogged but that’s the same with any cleaner.ll4.jpgThe balm has a light, fresh lemon scent and doesn’t feel greasy or oily on hands & brushes. After washing with water there’s nothing residue or lasting scent to the brush either. One thing I also noticed it that all the brushes didn’t take too ling to dry- I’ll cleaner brushes in the evening so they have the night to dry, but within an half an hour so are totally dry! 

I’ve also been using this to clean beauty sponges to- not sure if you’re meant to clean them like this haha! Again swirling the sponge (I just use the slanted side of the sponge) in the balm, working it through the sponge and rinsing- again I do this a couple of times. It works like a dream! The product doesn’t affect the material of the sponge with no residue, scent or change in texture left. It did however take a few days to fully dry- luckily I had a spare! 

F I N A L    T H O U G H T S …

I’m sure you can guess already, but I am in LOVE with this amazing product! The price, ease & speed of cleaning and longevity is fantastic. As this is a solid product I’m guessing it will last for quite a while, I tend to clean brushes once a week and have barely made a dent over the last month! 

If you haven’t tried this product you need to right away, for £5 it’s a true beauty bargain! I would suggest to buy online as the pot doesn’t come plastic wrapped in store. For traveling this would be a great product to have, you could easily transfer some into a smaller travel pot- even a make up artist on the go!? Can’t rate this product high enough!

Do let me know if you’ve tried this cleaner also & if you end up trying it too 🙂

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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