Who Killed Sister Cathy? | The Keepers, Netflix Original

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Back today typing about the latest Neflix Original murder drama series which I have been obsessed with. You all know my love for a good murder mystery show, as this is from the same people who have given us the amazing Making A Murder it was a must watch!

Let me know your thoughts if you’ve watched the series already!

Who Killed Sister Cathy? | The Keepers, Netflix Original


There are 7 hour long episodes in this Netflix series, all focusing on different and potential areas of investigation. But throughout all episodes we follow the present day investigations from Gemma & Abbie, Cathy’s former students. It’s inspiring to see how passionate they are about this case, with the fact that all this happened so long ago they will not stop! I suppose they link all the episodes and aspects together with the different levels of information. 

But let’s start off with Sister Cathy herself..

Sister Catherine or Cathy Cesnik was a 26 year old Catholic Nun who lived in Baltimore, Maryland US. She worked at the all-girls Archbishop Catholic Kenough High School. Described by previous students and friends as being a good & caring person. In November 1969, after leaving her flat to go shopping, she never returned and close friends became concerned. Her car was found around the area she lived in a very unsettling manner; parked in the wrong drive, muddied and not properly parked. Only for her body to be found early January the next year brutally murdered. 

Within this series there are 7 episodes dealing with different aspects, elements that contributed to the murder;

 The Murder, The School, The Revelation, The Burial, The Suspects, The Web, The Conclusion

I don’t want to give away any spoilers with talking about them all individually! But within these episodes we see some shocking twists, turns, possibilities and even confessions.. The main suspect, or even cause of everything, came from the infamous Father Maskell- who I don’t even know how to describe. This man has to be the source of everything, regardless of who killed her; this horrid man abused the children throughout his working years and many of the girls at Kenough. To see and hear about the awful acts he did was sickening- I can’t begin to imagine how people deal with these things. 

We hear from some of the abused students who are trying to fight against the case, also how this man continued to get away with doing it. And if the students who confided in Sister Cathy lead to her death..

Aside from investigating Maskell, we are also seeing the current investigations and still effects all the has had on Cathy’s friends, family and past students. The constant contrast between the past & present and watching how this people have evolved, for me, is fascinating. Also matching up everyone’s stories and alibis. 

In the later episodes we are introduced to the fact that the murder may be been ”arranged”. For me these episodes were fascinating but very confusing as you’re seeing a whole new twist! We are introduced to family members who are related to possible killers, one being Edgar Davidson. After hearing about all this awful acts this man may have committed we see in in the present day, being interviewed in his own home! I watched those scenes with gritted teeth with, what must have been, the awkward atmosphere in the room. How the reported could do that is beyond me!

After watching all 7 episodes I couldn’t give you can answer to who did it..I think Maskell has a key part to play, but what part he did play we may never know. The passion behind Abbie & Gemma still fighting this case is so compelling to watch, how much they still care and want their answers! This is an excellent series with a compelling story line and so worth a watch. I hope one day they’ll be an update episode or mini series if they ever find more information. 

If you’ve enjoyed shows like Making A Murder or anything murder drama this is such a great show- it’s not too long a series but the stories are fascinating! I really hope Netflix has more of this shows on the way- do leave any thoughts or theories on the show please leave them below. 

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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