The 4 Week Test & Results : La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo +

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The last skincare treatment we typed about was the Simple Anti-Blemish Moisturiser from my post last month; I’ve been trying to get better at using a nightly skincare serum or cream and I really liked the Simple one. After using that one I tried a few cheaper ones which didn’t do anything! That being mixed with hormones & trying out new foundations reeked havoc on my skin..

Coincidentally La Roche Posay had their adverts all of Facebook at the time claiming the ‘amazing results’ of the Effaclar Duo + treatment. It has been a treatment I’ve been wanting to try for ages, but for the cost I just couldn’t justify it..until one afternoon on a work break it ended up! 

So, I thought we’d see if this treatment would give me these 4-week results and how it worked on my combo/oily skin. With my main point seeing if it’s worth the money! Let’s get testing!

– The 4 Week Test & Results : La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + –


Now this product isn’t new my any means; they have a 2 versions of the Effaclar Duo but this ‘+’ one always comes first. I’ve heard good things from the brand in the past, I really like the look of their rosacea range to! I picked this one up in Boots as earning all the card points justified the spend haha.. Looking online it has over 200 4.5* reviews & the ‘Best Beauty’ award from ‘Stylist’ magazine- all sounds good…

S O   W H A T   D O E S    I T    C L A I M ? 

From Boots online:

Based on a unique partnership with dermatologists worldwide and through extensive research, La Roche-Posay introduces new Effaclar Duo[+] anti-blemish cream, specifically formulated to target the key signs of oily, blemish-prone skin. Proven efficacy on: Clinically proven to correct the appearance of blemishes, Unclogs blocked pores, Helps to refine skin texture, Controls the appearance of shine, New – Fights against the appearance of marks. Unique formulation including new active ingredient ProceradTM [a patented Ceramide]. New fresh, gel-cream texture, Non-comedogenic, No parabens, Suitable for sensitive skin & Also suitable for acne-prone skin.

It also states online that the brand do offer a ”Money Back Guarantee”!

F O R M U L A   &   F I R S T   I M P R E S S I O N S 

As stated this product claims to have a new fresh, gel-cream texture; as it can be worn as a make-up base I was expecting a gel like texture. It has a light white colour which disappears once worked into the skin, the formula is a soft gel-cream as promised also leaving a soft matte finish.

The gel melts into the skin leaving a soft finish with a slight tack- good if using as a primer! It does have a light scent, I want to say it’s almost floral but I can’t call it- either way it’s nothing unpleasant. The formula completely dries down within a couple of minutes feeling weightless on the skin. Also the scent will fade away too. 

Testing this on the first night it was safe to say my skin was not happy with me; major breakouts around my jawline & cheeks with a lot of added redness. Hoping to wake up with some improvement and not a bad reaction- thankfully we had some improvement:PicMonkey Image.jpgAs you can see, things weren’t totally cleared up but they looked much better. The overall tone and feel of my skin had improved overnight. Very impressed as these were strong hormonal breakouts to deal with!

T H E    4   W E E K    T E S T !

Time to start the big 4 week test- as this is what sold me on it in the first place! Even though you can use this a day & night product I’ve been using this mostly in the evening. It doesn’t do too badly as a primer, but I couldn’t wear it on a full work day! Plus for the cost I didn’t want to go through it too quickly.. I think I may have only missed a few night when I had used a face mask instead.  

Week 1 – 2

The main difference I noticed was in the overall texture of my skin; I’d been finding some of my foundations hadn’t been sitting / blending as they used to. Since using the Effaclar my skins texture feels a lot smoother. Thankfully my skin go over that horrid hormonal breakout- I found using this as a spot treatment over the more aggressive spots to help to! Over than that my skin stayed pretty constant, I still have small breakouts and redness. Over week 2 I found this product was keeping breakouts mainly at bay, I had gotten over the initial first weeks hormonal breakout so only a few major ones were brewing.

Week 3 – 4

Again, these 2 weeks were pretty normal skin-wise; my work environment has changed and towards the end of week 4 I think the hormonal breakouts were brewing once again! I did miss 1 night due to a horrid headache but that was it. The product still worked the same and felt comfortable on the skin. I can’t say honestly that I noticed any more improvement to my skin, but nothing worse which is still a plus!

O V E R A L L ..

So, time for the big verdict; did it make the difference after 4 weeks…

I really do like the feel of the product; it absorbs quickly, feels comfortable and can be worn with & without makeup. My first initial impressions (having it deal with the above breakout) the next morning were very promising. However I haven’t noticed any more major improvements now the 4 weeks are over- it has kept everything at bay and I wasn’t expecting this to dissipate all my spots, but I was hoping my skin texture would improve more. Again, it did keep things at bay but I can’t say I’ve noticed a massive difference. 

I did enjoy using this product, but considering the price I don’t think I will re-purchase. Also the tube is almost out after using everyday for the 4 weeks which is a cost to think about. Honestly I was hoping it would improve the appearance & texture of my skin more, but other products could be detracting from what this cream is trying to do. I’m glad I’ve finally tried this very hyped product, I think if it was half the price I may re-purchase..but I just isn’t what I hoped sadly. 

Of course skincare is such a personal thing! I would recommend giving this product a try if like me you were curious about it- do some research into prices! If the price was cheaper I would probably try thing again, but for £15 (full price) it could get pricey.. Please let me know your thoughts on the Effaclar Duo + along with thoughts / recommendations from the brand too! 

I hope this review can be helpful in some way, Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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