F.M.F : Yes-To-Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask

Hello 🙂

It feels like months since I’ve typed a Face Mask Friday post- and since I’ve tried a new face mask! I’ve had a stack of new ones to try for months, but have been stuck to using my absolute favourite The Body Shop Blue Corn. Which has now sadly been discontinued..

But alas, my hunt for a new miracle mask is on- starting with this months contender!

As always, let me know your thoughts on this mask- plus any good ones for combo/oily/acne skin below 🙂

– F.M.F : Yes-To-Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask – 


I picked this mask up (along with a few others) on a New Year offer from LookFantastic– yes, it has taken me this long to try it haha! This brand seems to have become more available of late, the name has always intrigued me.. The brand do a lot of treatments suited to different skin / bodycare concerns. Of course I went for the skin clearing one!

Sheet masks are all over the skincare worlds at the moment as they’re so easy to apply & remove! 

W H A T    W I L L    I T    D O ?

Online this mask states :

The yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask is an innovative skincare treatment to refresh and purify dull, oily skin in need of a pick-me-up. Harnessing the powers of Charcoal and antioxidant-rich Tomato, the delicate mask works to unclog pores and balance excess sebum production for a more balanced and refined complexion. Skin feels tingly fresh and deeply cleansed. 96% Natural ingredients. Free from petroleum, SLS and parabens. Cruelty free.lookfantastic.com

I pick up this mask on offer, but full price (lookfantastic) is £3.49 – prices do vary slightly.

Time To Test!

W H A T    D I D    I T   D O  ?

I hadn’t heard anything really about this mask & what it does so I was looking forward to trying it out..

When you first open it the folded mask is very moist with a soft, serum like coating. It unfolds easily and it certainly full of product! I did find it a little hard to place, in the end I ripped some of the sections. It didn’t sit as well as I wanted it  around my nose but the product still got there! Not one where you can continue to move around much- I had to keep very still.

It has a clean, natural scent with a very hydration feel from the serum. As stated it does have a slight tingling & warming feel. 

After removing from the 10 mins, my skin felt very warm..I was expecting a very red face but thankfully it was ok. The warm feeling went within 5 mins.
No redness reduced, a small bit extra- but charcoal is an ‘active agent’ so I can see why. The left over serum give the skin a tacky which which dries down with 10 mins, there wasn’t too much excess serum. Sadly I couldn’t see any immediate difference, but the next morning my skin did look cleansed and felt very soft.

O V E R A L L ..

I’m not sure on this mask.. I didn’t feel like it was doing too much when it was on, but my skin did look better the next morning. The mud mask version does appeal, but for £12 I don’t think I can justify it- if you’ve tried it please let me know! 

It felt nice, smelt nice and did help my skin- but I don’t know if I’m totally sold on this one..

I’d love to hear your thoughts if you’ve tried this sheet mask also- is there a better way to use it? 

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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One thought on “F.M.F : Yes-To-Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask

  1. I haven’t used the charcoal one, but I used the Yes To Cucumbers mask and hated it- I had a bad reaction. On the contrary, I use their micellar water and love it! Very mixed feelings on the brand! Xo

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