Maybelline Colossal BIG Shot Mascara |Test & Review

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As it’s almost been 2 months since my last mascara review it was time to try another one- even though I’ve been loving the L’Oreal Baby Roll! It was a tough choice between today’s mascara and the previous Baby Roll, but finally I’ve got my hands on it..

As always I hope you find this little review & mascara test helpful in some way, do leave your comments if you’ve tried this or any recommendations below! 

– Maybelline The Colossal BIG Shot Mascara |Test & Review –


I’m not sure how new this mascara is but it’s been available for a few months now, not sure if I’ve seen any promo for it? But regardless its been on my to-try list for a while. There are / have been a few mascaras in the ”colossal” line, the last one we tested must be the Spider Effect– which I really enjoyed! Most mascaras that Maybelline produce get high reviews from me so I can’t wait to try & test out this number..

W H A T     D O E S     I T     C L A I M ?

According to Superdrug this mascara will: Meet the Big Shot. Big volume from root to tip. Our colossal brush delivers collagen enriched formula from the root to tip of lashes for fully loaded volume. Discover instant volume with our biggest Colossal yet!”  (£7.99)

B R U S H     &     A P P L I C A T I O N 

With the word ”big” in the title I was expecting (rather dreading a tad) this mascara having a awkwardly wide brush that would be ending in messy looking eyes. But thankfully it doesn’t look too bad..


The bristles, along with the wand, are very sturdy with soft plastic feel; with a slight twist and lots of bristles. On the tub it states that the wand will give ”fully loaded volume in one coat”. Safe to say my expectations were high!

The application is easy and you can create a natural (with one layer) or more fuller (with 2 layers) lash look with ease. I’ve tried both, almost 1 layer with a small touch up is perfect for everyday.PicMonkey Imagell.jpg It does give a slightly more chunky lash look rather than that natural flare- if that masks sense! I get minimal to no product transfer when applying also which is always a time saver! The formula doesn’t feel heavy on the eye either. 

D A Y    T E S T 

With all my beauty product reviews I give them the full work day test- around 16 hours wear in a busy work environment, plus the rising summer warmth to compete with! Over the day the only thing I noticed is, when wearing 2 coats for a heavier look, is some minimal flaking. Other than that it stays on pretty darn well! Of course by the very end there is a slight drop and slightly more flaking- but we’re talking 10+ hours by this point. Plus through busy environments and warm weather / oily skin.

The formula removes very easily too!

O V E R A L L ..

Overall, I do really like this mascara; very easy to create a natural but defined look or a more fuller one. I think the chunky brush helps to catch & coat all the lashes. The formula lasts all day, feels lightweight and removes with no problems- thank you Maybelline for your amazing mascaras if your reading hehe! 

For me I’m mainly comparing this to my prior love the L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll; in a way I feel they give a similar lash look, but there’s something I just slightly prefer about this Maybelline number.. I feel, for me, the brush gives a great look to the lashes and also quick application!

I would highly recommend giving this mascara a try if you like a full lash look, or if you like the Baby Roll! Another great mascara from the brand and I can’t wait for the next one hehee!

Do let me know if you like this mascara also, along with any one I should try next below 🙂

Thank You So Much For Reading, I hope this little review was helpful in some way!


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