2017 Beauty Resolutions : 6 Month Update

Hello ๐Ÿ™‚

It doesn’t seem right that we are half way through this year already…HALF WAY. Hopefully your year hasn’t been too bad so far!ย 

But it suddenly struck me that as we’re half way through the year, I’m also half way through my resolution! Since starting it I have really seen a difference is a few different places. I thought i’d be fun to share how I’m getting on and to see how you guys are getting on with your resolutions! Do let me know below ๐Ÿ™‚

–ย 2017 Beauty Resolutions : 6 Month Update –ย 


So, in summary my 2017 Beauty Resolutions were :

1. Using Products Up One At A Time

I must say I’m surprised how much I’ve kept to this one, it was mainly to do with my skincare products. As you may have noticed with my skincare posts, I’ve only just finished my 3rd face wash of the year! I did buy a few cheap moisturisers when I had a skin freak out last month, but I will use them up eventually or pass them on. To help with using products I also keep them in a box on my dressing table so I can clearly see what I have- not storing them away and forgetting them!

2.ย Buying Face Mask Sachets Rather Than Potsย 

This has been stuck to 100%- I can’t even remember the last face mask I purchased.. I’ve been using up the pot ones first and have a stack of sachet masks ready to go. Face masks are something I really need to get back into. Any good ones for oily/combo skin please let me know!

3. Stick To Colours / Shades I Know Iโ€™ll Wear

Again, one that hasn’t really any problems! I think since I had a major de-clutter of my makeup at the end of last year the cleaning out ‘bug’ has stuck. If I haven’t used a product in 2-3 months since buying it goes- or if I kept it in the original de-clutter and it still hasn’t been used. The only new eye shadows are some new Body Shop ones last month, but I don’t have many now at all. Of course we all have those colours of lipstick or shadows that don’t end up looking as good on as they do swatched..but I think I’ve conquered this one!

4.ย Donโ€™t Just Buy Things For Reviewing

This HAS to be the hardest one..one which I can think of one main fail- sadly the Barry M Matte Lip Paints. Don’t get me wrong, I really like these lip paints, but I can’t trust the wearability for a full day where I can’t always re-touch! These do get used when (on the very rare occasion) that I go out in the evening, but as they wear away uncomfortably on me I just don’t reach for them as much as I want. Aside from those I think it’s been alright with this one- I’m always late to the ”popular products” anyway hehe!

So overall, I think I’veย mostly stuck to these..a few minor slip-ups I will admit! But mainly things are going pretty well. Especially with eye shadows and lip colours. But the main difference with all of these has to be the money side- I never spent loads on products, but buying a lot of cheaper ones adds up too! Also having beauty & skincare products in a ”to-test” box (as I call it!) helps to see what I do and do not need. If you struggle to use up or over buy things just try putting everything new into a box somewhere you can see what you have.ย 

Hopefully I can keep up these resolutions for the whole year.. Let me know how you are getting on with your below, or any tips!

Thank You So Much For Reading ๐Ÿ™‚


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