Fashion Findings : Back To The Basics

Hello 🙂

Back today with a rare fashion based post; since starting a new job that doesn’t require a all black uniform, I’ve been in need of a wardrobe update! I forgot how much time choosing an outfit everyday takes haha..

Luckily it’s nothing overly fancy, much like much everyday look which is pretty much black / dark blur jeans with a nice top! But always when you need to find something to wear, everything you already have just doesn’t look right. So, as I’ve been doing a little bit of online shopping I thought I’d share my findings!

Let me know if you like my picks- or if I’ve missed a good brand for basics!  🙂

– Fashion Findings : Back To The Basics – 

PicMonkey Image.jpg

As with all of my fashion posts, of which you may remember, I always wear some form of the Dorothy Perkins ‘Eden’ Jeggings – since finding this amazingly comfortable and affordable jeans, I dread to think how many pairs I’ve gone through! If you’re a size 14-16 and struggle to find jeans you NEED to try these, they are a lightweight, stretch jean with an elasticated waist which makes them so comfy! Plus they’re always on offer-also if you’re short like me, you will probably be able to get away with the ‘capri’ length (as a full leg) which makes things cheaper too! So these are my base, let’s get into the tops..

H & M

PicMonkey Image

Stripe Jersey Top £6.99   //   Over-Sized Khaki Top £8.99   //   Spotted Frilled Top £8.99   //   Long-Sleeved Lace Trim Top £9.99

N E W   L O O K 

PicMonkey Image

Black Strap Cold-Shoulder Top £6.99   //   Orange Frill Sleeve Top £6.99   //   Blue Stripe Top £8.99   //   Dark Grey Twist Cold-Shoulder Top £8.99

Z A R A 

PicMonkey Image.jpg

Blue Frilled T-Shirt £7.99   //   Stripe T-Shirt With Tulle £15.99   //   Lazer Print Sleeveless Top £15.99   //   Khaki Asymmetric Frill Top £15.99

I could go on but I fear my bank account may not be too healthy after..

Tops that have a casual feel but with a little bit of detail to them- let me know if there’s a brand that I’m missing! I hope you like these picks 🙂

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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