All Used Up : L’Oréal Pure Clay Purity Foaming Wash

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Back with the 3rd face wash of this year after my 2017 Beauty Resolutions are still in force! When I first picked up one of these new L’Oreal washes they were new on the scene, but since I’m on a one-in-one-out with products, it takes a little longer to get through things haha! I couldn’t wait to try these new washes as they have different combinations for different skin types!

I hope this little review can be helpful in some way, let me know your favourite products for oily skin below! 🙂 

– All Used Up : L’Oréal Pure Clay Purity Foaming Wash – 


So far L’Oreal has 3 different washes in this new range; Detox, Purity, Glow – I think this Purity one and the Glow match with the face masks that we’ve already review? 

” The L’Oreal Paris Laboratories have selected three pure clays and combined them with Charcoal in a cleansing gel, for clearer, fresher skin, every day. Its non-drying gel-cream texture transforms into a light foam, which detoxifies the skin’s surface by capturing all impurities, including excess oil and makeup residue. Features : KAOLIN a highly effective natural clay, known to absorb impurities and excess sebum, MONTMORILLONITE rich in minerals, a clay recognized for helping to eliminate imperfections & GHASSOUL a pure clay highly concentrated in minerals, renowned for helping clarify the complexion, CHARCOAL acts like a magnet to draw out impurities. IMMEDIATE AND VISIBLE RESULTS : From the first use, skin Is deeply cleansed and purified. Use after use, skin can breathe and is visibly transformed.”

T I M E    T O    T E S T 

It has a quite a strong and lasting scent, it reminds my of imperial leather soap for some reasons- more of a masculine scent I’d say. Nothing too bad for me but definitely something to note if scent bothers or effects your skin! A little goes a long way so only a small grape size is needed. The formula feel soft with a whipped feel to it which does ‘foam’ up slightly. Directions state to work in small circle motions when applying. It feels cooling and cleansing on the skin, washing off after fully after two passes.

After using my skin feels soft, looks cleansed with the stated mattified finish- again though I must say that that scent does linger! Personally it doesn’t take down any of the redness on my cheeks but it does leave an overall cooling feel. You do get that slightly tight feeling after the skin had dried down- doesn’t last too long or feel drying.

O V E R A L L 

Honestly, I’m not all the impressed with this face wash.. It does the job of cleansing after a day of makeup, but it doesn’t do anything significant for my skin. I enjoyed using it however I feel the scent could be an issue for some. I may need the charcoal / detox version for my oily skin? 

I would give this one a try if you’re more of a normal to slightly oily person for a good cleanse. Not one if you suffer from sensitive skin! 

Please let me know how you’ve found this, especially if you have oil/combo skin too- and any thoughts on the other washes in the range.  I feel like this is more of an meh review conclusion today, but you guys know that I’m always 100% honest. I hope this post can be helpful in some way! 

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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