13 Thoughts On ’13 Reasons Why’ | Netflix Original

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My apologies in advance as I fear this will be a long blog post..

I’ve just finished watching the highly talked about show 13 Reasons Why; after the guys at work were talking about it I had to watch. I have some mixed feeling on the show but I’ve been loving reading all the posts about the show and cast online- so here’s mine haha! 

– 13 Thoughts On ’13 Reasons Why’ | Netflix Original – 


1. how old is Tony meant to be?

When I first starting watching I thought Tony was a sort of guardian angel type character, guided Clay through this listening journey. He looks and seems to be older than the rest of them (I guess 17-18 years old?) but he goes to the same school / lessons as Clay? Plus the fact he is covered in tattoos, which are very visible especially at school? I do like his character, but I feel like he would have been better as a more guiding character to Clay. 

2. why are most of the boys covered in tattoos?

Again like Tony- most of the boys have very visible tattoos! I’m not 100% on who US school years/grades work out in age numbers, but I thought it would be 17-18? And also that the school doesn’t seem to mind? This may be a weird thing to notice but for the age I think they’re meant to be it throws it off a little for me.

3. how old / what grade are they all meant to be?

Still linking to the last two points here, but I couldn’t keep up with who is in what class, grade or age! Plus reading all the ”how old are the cast of 13 reasons why?” cast articles online! I know these days the youngsters are all very advanced in how they look but it really confused me- plus with the constant cut back to the past & present. 

4. why didn’t any question Tylers’ creepy photography beforehand?

We first see Tyler perching out of a bathroom window taking pictures of the girls playing sports, to which no one really questions it. With the somewhat classic Tyler phrase of ”it’s for the yearbook” getting him out of trouble every time! He is a bit of a odd character but does represent that cliche type of person. Also on the subject of Tyler; why was the camera / flash noise so loud when he was spying on Hannah? Do these fancy modern cameras even make sounds any more- if so you’d probably turn it off!

5.what happened with Justin ‘liking’ Hannah?

I thought, which may have been wrong, that Justin seemed to like Hannah at the start? He pursued her until she went on ‘that park date’ with him and they shared the first kiss- until the next day at school the picture gets shared around and he turns almost evil towards her! Again, I may have read this situation wrong and that was his plan all along, but it seemed so strange how he suddenly went against her..

6. who is Montgomery?

Another dig at the whole age of characters things here in a way, but who is this guys who pops in occasionally? Is he in there year? Older? All he seems to do is cause trouble and randomly just appear in the big social situations. I think he’s a senior like Bryce but I’m not sure what is character is meant to bring to the show?

7. why did Clay lie about knowing Hannah?

Of course in the end we see that Clay didn’t really have anything to worry about on his tape, but why did he act so weird until he listened? I understand that anything like that happening to a person is horrible, with his parents constant worry towards him to. But didn’t it just make him look guilty of something? I didn’t get why he lied about them working together or being at classes.

8. did Hannah have a funeral or proper grave?

We see Clay & Courtney go to Hannah’s grave as he’s listening to her tape; but there isn’t a headstone, flowers or anything about Hannah on it- I think there’s just a date of who the person is there? And again when Clay & Tony go back again. I was surprised there wasn’t a funeral scene or people laying flowers and even her parents visiting! Wether they couldn’t afford it or it’s something else for the next season I’m not sure, it just seemed odd.

9. what happened to Alex / how did the shooting happen?

I have SO many questions about what happened to Alex! I really came to like his character as he genuinely seemed to want to put things right, plus what he did wasn’t that bad compared to some! We briefly see ‘someone’ in the ambulance and in the last episode the teachers informs the counselor.  But he isn’t dead! I don’t mean this is on a weird way, but I feel like it would have been interesting to see the build up to this.

10. is Tyler planning something on the school and/or the other tape subjects?

Again, another cliff hanger we were left on; is he planning a school shooting of some kind? I was told by a friend at work that this may be what he is planning, as we see him buy a gun beforehand, then ‘someone’ (Alex) shot. He also has pictures of all the kids up in his room which may resemble his targets? I thought this angle may be a little delicate given Americas history with school shootings, but maybe it just proves how it can happen..

11. are all of the 13 reasons actually serious reasons?

I think you have to understand how our generation works now; most of life is online and things can be shared, posted or read in a matter of seconds. Some of the reasons could have been better justified / played out, but I do get why they all matter. I don’t think an older audience would fully understand how the little things, such as a picture being shared, can impact a persons life. 

12. what message are some of Hannah’s reasons showing to younger kids?

Carrying on from the above; it does need to shown that for some people lots of little things can push people over the edge. What may seem like a posting a seemingly funny picture of someone may embarrass them on more way. And I suppose that with the level of technology we have things can be used as weapons. I think it needs to be seen in a way that shows to people that what may be considered ”funny” or ”embarrassing”and sharing / talking about said things can have a really effect on people. Not that if you’ve suffered / suffering from similar problems that the only way out is suicide. 

13. will there be another season..

There are a lot of loose ends within that final episode; I was very dissapointed with it. In a way I want to know what happened to Alex, did Tyler do anything, did they get justice from Hannah & Jessica’s attacks? But at the same time I don’t know how they show it- as in we had the 13 tapes so would they do a ’13 more reasons why’ or ’13 answers why’? I think they  could have tied up the last episode much better- but I suppose they had to see how the show was received before they potentially get to make another one?

since typing this they have announced season 2 which is so exciting!!

Overall I did like watching this show; it has good & bad points to it but I think for the right audience it’s got an ok message. There has been a lot of talk about how realistic and valid the reasoning’s are, but it does highlight some serious issues. I hope we’ll get some episode of mini series concluded on how all the characters stories ended up- but who knows…

Let me know what you think about this show and any theories you’ve got below!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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