Ray Ban Wishlist ’17

Hello 🙂

I don’t know what attracts me so much to this brand; sunglasses have never really been a ‘thing’ for me until I started looking at Ray Bans. Since purchasing my first pair last year, along with the summer months brewing, I find myself eyeing more pair up! 

And as I can’t afford or justify buying all these styles the next best thing was to blog about them- yes…!? 

I hope you enjoy my Ray Ban style picks for today’s post- do let me know what styles you like or have below! 🙂

– Ray Ban Wishlist ’17 – 

PicMonkey Image.jpg

I love the icon feel Ray Ban has, the RB2140’s just have that classic look to them. Currently the only pair I own they can be worn with so many outfit- I have them in black but I really want the tortoise shell too…

Now of course; you all know that I am a bargain hunter so of course would never buy a pair of these at full price- the first pair I purchased were aided by some doubled up Tescos’ vouchers (which I’m hoping they’ll do this year too)! I’m always looking on eBay to see if I can find any good deals and other sites. 


1.jpgI just don’t know what is about this glasses I like so much! There are so many colour options for these- even velvet ones!? I like the over-sized look this style gives and they suit round faces! These will most likely be my next treat..I think in the tortoise shell…

O R I G I N A L   /   W A Y F A R E R 


I’ve already got the black version of this style, I prefer the original 2140 style to the new rounded style. I LOVE these ‘fleck’ style ones with the duo colours- quirky but not over the top. Aside from the classic black & brown. You can’t go wrong with this classic style!

R B 4 2 7 8 


On a super odd coincidence I’ve just won a pair of these on eBay- just a plain shiny black but they are a bargain! Similar to the original 2140’s above but with a twist, the rounded lens may look softer on the face? I suppose even a hybrid between the Erika & Original Wayfarer?

R B 4 2 2 2


Sadly I don’t these would suit my already round face, but the style is so cool! Much like the Erika’s they come in lots of colours. I think you’ll either look super cool or just not in these! I’d still be interested in trying these on just to see haha! In a way like the 3447’s that I love but could never pull off!



I feel as we’re on the last one and seeing all these picks together how similar they all are haha! Again, similar to the original wayfarers but a lighter feel. Not as rigid as the wayfarers but still a really wearable style for everyone. 

So they we have a few Ray Ban picks- for this year at least! I don’t know why they appeal to me so much but I feel like a collection may very slowly start to grow..

Do let me know your thoughts and style you like or have below!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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