Manicure Mondays : Born Pretty Holo

Hello 🙂

I’ve been waited for weeks for this Born Pretty package to make its way to me! These holo polishes are nothing new to the beauty world but I’ve been wanting to try one for a while. These are the cheaper Born Pretty holo’s which were around £4. I think years ago I purchased a silver one but I have no idea where it’s gone hahaa! Those fancy inst holo nail powder videos AMAZE me but I haven’t got those skills or equipment..

But regardless I thought a little more review style on this polish may be helpful for this weeks Manicure Monday. Please let me know how you feel about these Born Pretty holo shades; the best or worse shades, ect!

 – Manicure Mondays : Born Pretty Holo  –


Starting off with my Nail Prep routine!

Online these polishes claim : ”The nail color in the sample picture is with : 1 layer base coat+ 2-3 layers colored polish+ top coat. Professional quality nail polish ingredients which give glossy and long-lasting nail color. Comes with brush making nail art fast and easy for everyone. Allow you to create beautiful nail designs in short time.

There seems to be around 6-7 colours in these holos (depending where you look) and they seem to be cheapest from The Born Pretty store direct. When applying the small brush / top makes to easy to curve around the nail. The formula glides onto the nail smoothly and quickly. You definitely need 2 coats for full opaque-ness, I tried a 3rd but I could see much difference. As always I used a topcoat afterwards.

I really like the colour of the polish, it’s number 12 if I haven’t mentioned already! By no means am I an holo connoisseur but I’d say these do have a good amount of payoff. My camera doesn’t pick it up well enough.. Nothing like the holo powders I’ve seen but they may play better with a coloured base layer? Regardless, it’s a very pretty colour with a good amount of holo glitter- perfect for spring. 

The only slight drawback with these polish is the delivery and availability, but we can live with that!  As always, let me know your thoughts on these nails, plus links you any blogs or instagrams below!

Thank You So Much For Reading,  I hope this little holo review was helpful 🙂


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