Manicure Mondays : Barry M Molten Metals 2017

Hello 🙂

I have been SO excited for the release of these new Barry M Molten Metals- they gave us a sneak peak on their Instagram last month and I’ve been counting down the days- no seriously I have! We typed about last years Molten Metals collection which we all loved. Plus this new collection has a holographic shade too..

So of course I just had to purchase all 5 of these stunning new shades as soon as they were in stock; and swatch them for you guys’!

I really hope you love these polishes as much as I do- let me know if you’ve picked up any shades and your favourites below! 🙂 

– Manicure Mondays : Barry M Molten Metals 2017 – 


Following on from last years first Molten Metal release, we now have 5 more members to add to our collections :

Blue Glacier  –  Gold Rush  –  Black Diamond  –  Pink Ice Rose Gold  – Holographic Lights

All these polishes claim : 

Molten Metals give your nails show-stopping style and an instant luxe look. Metallic shades, enjoy a mirror-shine foil finish that will glisten for days!

All prices at £3.99 with differing brand / store offers!

T I M E    T O   S W A T C H 


Blue Glacier  –  Gold Rush  –  Black Diamond  –  Pink Ice Rose Gold  – Holographic Lights

Blue Glacier = 3 coats

blue ice

Gold Rush = 3 coats


Black Diamond = 2 coats


Pink Ice Rose Gold = 2 coats


Holographic Lights = 3 coats

holographic lights.jpg

Overall, I do really like all of these shades; in my mind I kept thinking they were all holographic and had to remind myself they weren’t! Sadly my camera doesn’t pick up all of the sparkle! 😦 If wearing for a good few days I did find the colour fades slightly with washing hands / hair but they formula stayed intact. I think the lighter shades may work better with a white, or match shade base colour to really make them ‘pop’!?

I hope that Barry M moves more into the holographic finishes in the future.. Not that I need any more nail polish hehee…

If you love a metal / shimmer finish these are all stunning- they last well and could be great for nail art-ing! Do let me know if you’ve tried these polishes with your favourite shade below! 

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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