The Silicone Blender …Or Blunder?

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We’ve all been seeing the instagram and Facebook posts showing the ‘wonders’ of these little silicone blenders! I think its been a few months since this craze began, which now seems to be infiltrating the UK. As always I’m a little late to the party but when I saw one on Groupon for a few pounds I thought why not! 

There’s been mixed reviews on this little invention, obviously this isn’t a branded one- but surely there can’t be too much difference? Either way I thought it’d be a fun product to try and share here on the blog for the fellow curious out there. 

I really hope this little review post can be helpful, please let me know if you’ve tried this also and how it worked for you..! 🙂 

– The Silicone Blender …Or Blunder? –


Correct me if I’m wrong, but apart from a few indie beauty brands we haven’t seen a lot about these silicone blenders in the UK? Of course eBay has an array of shapes & colours from China! It looks like the original (again I may be wrong here) ‘Silisponge’ looks to be around $10 US,  ”official” UK brands average around £7-10. This one I purchased from Groupon sold for £2.99 (+£1.99 P&P) from £14.99 – which I do suspect isn’t entirely correct.

Claiming to be the next big beauty product revolution I had to test to see if it was so..!

W H A T     D O E S     I T     C L A I M ?

All sources claim a similar description, on Groupon :

” Hygienic and non-absorbent, this silicone make-up sponge is a great tool for even and smooth foundation : Distributes makeup evenly, Non-absorbent, all makeup adheres to the face and not the sponge, Remains germ-free, Easily washable thanks to the non-porous surface, Made of a flexible, oil and grease-resistant material, Made of silicone on the inside and thermoplastic polyurethane on the outside.

£2.99 from £14.99

T I M E    T O     T E S T  !

As you can guess the blender feels super soft & smooth, easily bends and cleans within seconds! I’m not sure how this particular one compares in size of thickness to other brands, I think some have a slight texture?

The silicone blender does disperse more product yes, but my worry was that it wouldn’t work product into the skin. Much like how a flat foundation brush doesn’t buff in a foundation. 

I tried to get a picture showing the difference in sponges but the lighting was terrible! 

I’ve been testing this blender for a few days now on full makeup days at work for concealer & foundation. And honestly I’m conflicted.. It does save wasting products and glides over the skin, but I’m not in love with the end finish. As this isn’t working the products is leave a slightly cakey finish- plus I use high coverage products anyway! I used the suggested patting and sliding motions to apply, it will show any large pores up!

O V E R A L L ..

Overall, I’m not totally sold on the silicone blender..

It does save product and give slightly higher coverage to your products, but the finish for me was just a tad cakey. There almost needs a finer point for around the eye and nose areas. I love how easy it is to clean, you wouldn’t need to replace it too often either! There are pros and slight cons with it for me, but I think something that works product into my skin works better for me. It’s a handy little sponge to keep for maybe quick makeup days or even for traveling as it’s so easy to keep clean! 

If you can find a cheap one like this to try I would recommend giving one a go- I would never pay £10 for this or any sponge! I will keeping trying this with different foundations, but I don’t think it’s changed my makeup life! Good, but nothing special for me!

I hope this post can be helpful in some way, please let me know below if you’ve tried one of these silicone blender out- any application tips?!

As Always, Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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2 thoughts on “The Silicone Blender …Or Blunder?

  1. It seems like such a strange product that I feel a lot of us would have to adapt how we apply makeup to appreciate it because it doesn’t suck up all your foundation which we are kind of used to! Great post xx


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