F M F : Garnier SkinActive Volcano Mask

Hello 🙂

Gosh it feels like months since we’ve done a Face Mask Friday post on here, ironically when time has been going even quicker. But we are back this month with the second Garnier new Skin Active face mask; the Volcano mask…I mean that name just sold me! 

You may remember its Matcha + Kaolin Mask sibling from last month?

I hope this little review / first impressions can be helpful; as always please let me know your thoughts if you’ve tried this mask, along with any others for oily – combo skin 🙂

– F M F : Garnier SkinActive Volcano Mask – 


As mentioned before, there are 5 new sachets masks in this range; with my oily / combo skin I picked the two suited ones! Around £1+ per sachet these are pretty cheap, I’m guessing you could easily get 2 masks per pack.

W H A T    W I L L     I T    D O  ?

” A new generation of face mask combining Volcanic rock and Clay in a self-heating clay texture that minimises the appearance of pores for pure, smooth skin. No Parabens.
PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS:  Immediately: skin appears purified and looks smoother and less shiny, Long-lasting effectiveness: pores look unclogged and seem less visible, Skin appears refreshed. garnier.co.uk

This is a very quick 3 min mask which I wasn’t expecting- however is good if you need a quick fix- I always like to put one on when I’m catching up on tv! The mask is

S O ,  D O E S   I T    D O   A N Y T H I N G  ?

The first think you notice is that famous Garnier skincare scent! As soon as you apply the mask it starts to very gently warm, nothing that is super noticeable but you can feel ‘something’. The texture is soft and thick which glides onto the skin- even though it is thick it doesn’t doesn’t feel it on the skin. The light warming feeling along with the soft finish makes is very comfortable to wear! I think I kept it on for about 5 mins in the end as I got distracted on my phone hehee..

When removing, I must warn you that is red mask will leave you with some scary looking water! 

The mask removes easily, leaving soft feeling skin; as stated I did notice my nose pores seemed smaller and my overall skin looked fresher. I think, as with all ‘warming’ products, that element helps to draw out impurities!

Overall, I do like this mask- I think I would use this as a quick fix as it wasn’t the ultra deep-cleanse I tend to need, much like the previous Matcha mask! A really nice one to try or, again, to use a a quick fix or take on a trip. Please let me know your thoughts if you’ve tried this mask below- any mask recommendations also! 🙂

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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