Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara | Test & Review

Hello 🙂

We are typing today about this very interesting new Rimmel mascara; it’s been a while since we’ve had anything from Rimmel I feel.. I think the past few mascara releases weren’t that good for me! 

But nonetheless, as soon as I saw this mascara and its claims I HAD to buy it. As I type this I haven’t seen much promo for it other than Superdrug’s website / store displays. You all know my obsession with new mascaras and I couldn’t wait to try, test and share this with you all! 

As always, I hope this little review can be helpful in some way- please leave any thoughts or blog links if you’ve also tried this mascara below! 🙂

– Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara | Test & Review – 


C L A I M S 

So, even the name of this title just intrigues me! This new mascara from Rimmel claims :

 ” It’s time to shake things up! Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara features a first-to-market patent-pending shaker system that refreshes the volumising formula whenever it’s needed. Shake it up to keep it fresh! Volume Shake mascara gives lashes a beautiful Clump-free volume, from first to last use!If you hate to throw away half-used mascara because it dries out or simply isn’t as good as new, this volumizing black mascara is perfect for you.superdrug.com

Any mascara that claims to give us volume always draws me in. The longevity of this mascara sounds really good too- I may have to do a update post in a few months to test!

P A C K A G I N G     &    P R I C E 

This tube has that classic Rimmel look with the font & slanted top. It almost looks like a larger version of those fancy new Benefit lip cheat things? One thing you notice straight away is the weight of this tube; not that it’s ‘heavy’ but feels like the weight of metal. I guess the shaker system may be made from metal?

Price wise I picked this up one offer for £6.99 but full retail is only £8.99.

B R U S H  

At first look the brush looks pretty promising; a thick barreled wand which a dense amount of bristles. 


A P P L I C A T I O N     /    W E A R A B I L I T Y  

As with all product testing we shall see how it wears over a full work day; busy shop floor, altering air-con plus a full face of makeup. Although, I started to apply this for a work day but changed my mascara as it didn’t start off well. I tried it the following day when I wasn’t too hopeful after the first try..

Sadly I have to report that after this first application this mascara is not looking good :

PicMonkey Image.jpg

The formula is very liquid and the brush is very ridged; there isn’t any flexibility to the wand. Hopefully you can see how messy it gets in the eyelid too!  As I was applying I had flashbacks from the Scandaleyes Mascara from last year, which was less than impressive! Looking at that review now the brushes on these two mascara do look very similar..

It didn’t really give my lashes any sort of volume..after about 4 hours (again like the scandaleyes) my lashes had dropped down and did not look good. At the end of the day  things had gotten worse; clumpy, flaky and pretty much like the one coat picture above! Safe to say I’m very glad I didn’t try this the previous day at work!

O V E R A L L 

As you can probably gather, I’m really not impressed with this mascara.. My hopes were high as the reviews had been pretty good, but sadly once again this didn’t work for me! Thinking about it know, apart from stating it will volumise the lashes the main selling point for this mascara is the shake element. For me the brush is to stiff with the bristles being too spaced out- there’s no flexibility so it’s hard to coat at all angles. In terms of the formula it is very liquid, I am interested to see how it is in a few months. 

Sadly this is a no-go for me, I used to love Rimmel mascaras- I think I’ll stick to the lip & base products..

Please let me know your thoughts if you’ve also tried this mascara- I really want to know if anyone else has found the same thing!?

I hope this review (although unfortunately negative) has been helpful! Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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