Manicure Mondays : Updated French Manicure

Hello 🙂

Oh how I get my hopes up for trying these fancy nails designs, only to epically fail at them! After spending a couple of hours attempting these nails my left hand was just about salvageable- do not even ask about the right one..

However I still wanted to post about this nail look so you can at least get the what I was going for hahaa! 

As always please leave your thoughts on this nail look, plus any insta or blog links below 🙂

 -Manicure Mondays : Updated French Manicure –


Starting off with my Nail Prep routine!

Paint all nails in a layer of nude polish, I used Maybelline Super Stay in Rose Poudre, allowing to dry fully.

Take two french manicure guides placing at the top and bottom of each nail. Then painting in each gap with a white polish, I used Barry M Gelly in ‘Cotton’.

Once everything is touch dry, add on a topcoat to seal in the design- hopefully looking a lot better than mine!

Sorry for this weeks rather imperfect Manicure Monday, I’m no expert at this but I sure do love experimenting with looks!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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