F M F : Garnier SkinActive Matcha + Kaolin Mask

Hello 🙂

Gosh it feels like months since we’ve done a Face Mask Friday post on here, ironically when time has been going even quicker. But we are back this month with 1 of 2 Garnier new Skin Active face masks; the Matcha + Kaolin  mask! 

As always I was excited to try and share my thoughts on this masks with you all, I have another one of these due for review soon too!

I hope this little review / first impressions can be helpful; as always please let me know your thoughts if you’ve tried this mask, along with any others for oily – combo skin 🙂

– F M F : Garnier SkinActive Matcha + Kaolin Mask – 


In this (I think new) face mask range from Garnier we have 5 new sachets masks, with my oily / combo skin I picked the two suited ones- starting with the Volcano! Around 99p per sachet these are pretty cheap, I’m guessing you could easily get 2 masks per pack.

W H A T    W I L L     I T    D O  ?

” A new generation of face mask combining Matcha Tea and Kaolin Clay in a creamy-clay texture that purifies for refreshed, mattifed and clean skin. No Parabens.
PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS: Immediately: impurities are removed, skin appears mattified.  Long-lasting effectiveness: skin appears purified as if rebalanced. garnier.com

Directions state to apply a generous layer and allow to dry for 10 mins- hopefully this will do some good for my skin…

S O ,  D O E S   I T    D O   A N Y T H I N G  ?

Let me tell you, it is not easy getting this stuff out of the packet!

As soon as you apply the mask the skin feels cool and slightly tingly; it has a strong, fresh scent that reminds me of hair conditioner! It isn’t too thick on formula and has a light green colour to it. As this mask has a clay base you can feel it start to dry / tighten on the skin; nothing uncomfortable.

After the 10 min and washing off, my skin did feel much fresher, cleaner, cleanser and cooler. Sadly there wasn’t an decrease in redness, but nothing adding which is always a plus! The tightening feeling lasted for a  good 10 mins after washing the mask off. 

Overall, I do like this mask- I think I would use this as a quick fix as it wasn’t the ultra deep-cleanse I tend to need. A really nice one to try or, again, to use a a quick fix or take on a trip. Please let me know your thoughts if you’ve tried this mask below- any mask recommendations also! 🙂

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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