The Perfect £3 Foundation Brush..!?

Hello 🙂

Yes, the title of this blog post is a bold one- but it’s something I had to tell you all about, I wasn’t expecting to find this little beauty, let alone fall in love with! For my fellow bargain hunters and beauty lovers out there I really hope this little post can be helpful- I haven’t seen or been able to find much on this brush so hopefully it’ll be easy to find!

As always, let me know if you’ve already found this gem or any links to your own posts below! 🙂 

– The Perfect £3 Foundation Brush..!? – 


Whilst shopping the other week I had a rare chance to pop into a Wilko store- and of course headed right to the beauty / skincare sections! I picked up some new Essence bits to try (coming soon) when I saw the selection of wilko make up brushes. I didn’t expect the brand to have such the selection they do, all at great prices! Like any brush selection they have it all from base, contour to eyes. All for no more than £3!  But this foundation brush here caught my eye!

As you can see the line is very similar looking to the original Real Techniques base collection, this is the Foundation Brush :

 Our foundation brush is a make-up bag must-have. It has a finer bristle for a softer feel, for smooth and even coverage, with a flawless finish. Blends just the right amount of liquid foundation onto the skin. ”


If I’d seen this online I wound’t have looked at it because it looks like a regular flat pointed foundation brush, which I’m not a fan of. But in person I would say it appears to be a pointed / buffing brush hybrid… Compared to a buffing and flat pointed brush (the only one I own is from the RT Core Collection set) you can hopefully see what I mean:

picmonkey-imageIt is slightly wider than the pointed foundation brush, but not as dense as the buffing. Meaning, that you can still slightly buff product into the skin whilst keeping a higher amount of coverage! (I do hope that makes sense!) Simply dotting foundation around the face and brushing outwards with this brush is effortless, I still go over with a sponge to smooth out any lines. It’s a great shape for applying around eye & nose areas, it would work great for contour too!

A bit of an odd point here, but I’ve kept the brush top in the plastic ‘holder’; I’ve been keeping my make up sponges in plastic bags to stop them picking up dust throughout the day. Keeping the little plastic cover up when not using the brush really helps to keep it clean between uses! A bit of a weird point I know!

Even though I’ve owned this for a couple a weeks this may be my favourite base brush, I may even buy a few more just in case they stop making them! For £3 this brush is AMAZING, online this brush has 5* reviews and you can see why. If you have a local Wilko store you have to buy this bargain brush! 

I hope this little post has been helpful in some way, please let me know if you’ve tried this brush or any other ones from Wilko below! 🙂

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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