Are You Making The Most Of eBay..?

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About a year ago we typed about some eBay basics; pricing, packaging and what not. But I thought today I’d do an updated type version! With this years Beauty Mantra in mind I’ve been applying it to clothes buying too..

– Are You Making The Most Of eBay..? – 


I’m sure most of you are either a buyer or seller on eBay; for both brand new and used items! Over the last few years I’ve taken my eBay’ing a little more seriously- not in a business sense, but with description, photos and packaging. But also in terms of what I sell.

As you know I am an avid bargain hunter, very rarely will I but something full price or not on some form of offer- probably 3/4 of my wardrobe is from eBay honestly! This may sound bad, but when I buy something that I might not be 100% on I always think ”well I can always sell it on eBay..” So at least you can make your money back!

Unless what you’re selling is weighty or of value the standard postage cost (accurate of 2017) is £2.85. If you have a selection of similar style or branded tops this is the best way to sell them- for example, I had 6 M&S tops which were the same style just different patterns. I think I started the bidding a £6 (£1 per top) with £6 postage as I assumed it would be more than the standard £2.85. The lot went for around £30 in the end, deducting the estimated £6 postage gave me a decent value. Six tops were not a small or light package, but to my surprise it was still only £2.85 to post it! Which just goes to show how effective it can be. Something which I shall be trying to do more often haha!

When listing an item adding in similar brands also helps items to sell; when selling a H&M top I would put H&M, ZARA, New Look, Primark in the brands to make is more visible.


Also, I’ve found that giving as much info with the description as possible save time if buyer asks questions: dimensions of bags, lengths of legs / dresses and in some cases material type. It also helps to link to photos, if there’s a defect somewhere on the item to both state and picture it- this also avoids any buyer complaining after purchase. This may just be me taking it too seriously, but making your listing as good as it can be helps sell items and get your feedback higher. 

I’ve also started to wrap some items in tissue paper when sending, something a lot of the thing I buy come like. Especially if an item goes for more than you expect I think it’s a nice touch for it to arrive to the buyer all wrapped & pretty! I’ve been buying large pack on Amazon for a few pounds.

This is all pretty basic stuff and again may just be me taking it too seriously, but it works. I’ve bought tops for £5 on eBay which ended up not fitting, re listed at the price I payed and getting double the amount! For selling and buying items you can make and find some great deals, if you guys have any eBay tips please leave them below..

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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