Santa Clarita Diet : Netflix Review

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I haven’t typed a Netflix review in AGES! But we’re back today to discuss the newest and highly advertised show- Santa Clarita Diet!

As the adverts seem to be getting on  more and more platforms, I thought I’d share my thoughts on the show with you- don’t worry I’ll try not to give any spoilers away!

Do let me know if you’ve seen this series already with your thoughts below 🙂

– Santa Clarita Diet : Netflix Review – 


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It’s been a few weeks since since I started / finished this series, before which the only main promo I’d seen were the ads on The Daily Mail; in where they’re drinking the ”smoothie”. Safe to say I didn’t have much of an idea what the show would be about, aside from some for of medical / bodily part focus! Oddly this wasn’t even on the homepage of my Netflix, however this may be as it was the very first week?

So, who do we have?

Our main characters are Drew Barrymore (Shelia) & Timothy Olyphant (Joel) – I haven’t watched a lot with these two in, I only know Timothy Olyphant from his Office US appearance! Of course Drew Barrymore is in a while host of movies. Also their teenage daughter ”Abby” – my apologies for my lack of movie knowledge..

There isn’t a huge cast in the show which makes is much easier to keep up with things! I can’t say I knew of any of them really, expect on the neighbors who I’m sure was in Desperate Housewives? Again, apologies for my lack of knowledge. Regardless though, the whole cast is great! 

So, what happens?

Honestly, I’m still very confused about what and how everything happens in the series.. Set in modern day America we meet our main characters, who are realtors, as they approach a house viewing. Shelia doesn’t seem to be feeling very well but continues nonetheless. Until things become, how shall we say..up, a lot! 

After this explosive moment, things start to become very strange with Shelia; she feels oddly better, happier and also discovers some new bodily features. All to her families confusion and bemusement! Where did she get this condition? Why has she changes so much? What will happen to her? And most importantly, how will she survive..?

Things get very weird, very quickly after all this starts. I don’t want to ruin too much here but all I’ll say is that she then needs human flesh to survive. So our main story line is focused on how and where the family will get her the fix she needs! Also whilst Joel is trying to figure out and get her some form of help.

Like I said, I’m still not really sure what this is about or what you would call this series; I’ve read it’s a ‘comedy-horror’ which I would mostly agree with. It isn’t overly horror, but there are some very graphic scenes. But with the comedy edge, it isn’t too unbearable- I’d say these more graphic scenes are few but full on when there is one. It isn’t laugh-out-loud funny, but it does have a funny / sarcastic undertone which is great!


Overall, I did really enjoy watching this 10 part series; not really knowing what it the story was about I had no prior thoughts. The story does jump very quickly and I think they could have slowed it down with 3-4 more episodes to give it more depth. But still you get the full-on story played with a fantastic cast. I love Shelia & Joel’s relationship, Eric the neighbor is so adorable! Also I want Drew Barrymores’ hair & wardrobe..

It’s one of those show you can easily watch within a few days and not realise! With the mix of humor and gore I really enjoyed it- not one if you’re squeamish though! Something a little different to watch without being too heavy. I’m still not sure what to call it, but I’m guessing & hoping from the ending that they’ll be a second season soon…


And that concluded this little review, hopefully I haven’t given too much away- please do let me know if you’ve watched it already too- I’d love to hear your thoughts and theories! 

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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