Managing My New Mantra

Hello 🙂

At the start of the year, like most of us, I posted my Beauty Resolutions for this year- mostly focused on using products up and not just buying for the sake of it! In truth this was something I’ve started doing for a few months now, the amount of eye shadows, lipsticks, nail polishes that were just sat around never getting used was wasteful..

This isn’t me turning into a extreme minimalist do not fear hahaa- but even in a few months there’s been a big difference! 

– Managing My New Mantra – 


I have been wanting to type a de-cluttering post for a few weeks now, but I haven’t been able to get it right- so hopefully this will blend everything together! 

Of the past 4-5 years I would say my beauty / skincare interests have been at the highest; starting to get into blogging, social media, college and just the general changes in environments. I think it’s fair to say the most, probably continuing, collection is that of my nail polishes and mascaras! Luckily with other make up it was 99% cheap drugstore- Make Up Revolution, MUA and discounted brand sites / stores. I think this is where the over buying started and is trying to stop. With most things, I think if it’s cheap (less than £5 mostly) it’s not too bad if I only use it a few times. Or with clothing & accessories that I can re-sell it! 

I’d say since November 70% of my beauty & skincare collection have been given away or disposed off! A lot were eye shadow palettes, pots and pencil liners that were sat in a closed draw for years- it is SUCH as good feeling getting rid of them. With most I scooped out the product and recycled the plastic packaging. Similarly with skincare and the jars or creams and masks that have only been used once or twice! All with the simple mantra of:

have I used this in the last 2 months / how long have I had it?

are these colours I will / do wear?

have I got anything the same or similar?

Particularly with nail polish on that last point hehe! But seriously, it is so good to de-clutter and really fun for my OCD too! I do tend to go through phases of clearing stuff out, with clothes for eBay mostly- which is another great hobby to start for cleaning and a little bit of extra cash. Even this week I went back over the sorted items and took out a few more bits!

Apologies if this post isn’t that interesting, I hate to sounds like a new year new me cliche..

Looking now though at new products is the next habit to change! Within the blogging worlds we are always seeing new products to try- the only slight falling I’ve already had is with mascaras, but I am trying not to buy so many at one time..  But my new moto will be to use up one product at a time, mainly with skincare here. I think I mentioned in my resolutions posts that I shall be trying to use packet masks rather than buy big pots. Which so far has been working well, also with cleansers and toners too! Plus in regards to giving better reviews for the blog too. Honestly, the biggest reason is to not waste so much money on unused products!

Hopefully I can stick to my theories and save both wasting products and some cash! I challenge you to look at one area of your collection and pull out a few things that you haven’t used for a while or that you have similar colours of- just see what it can start you doing hehe!

I hope this post hasn’t been to boring and can maybe spark a little de-cluttering in you!?

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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