F M F : Boots Ingredients – Cleansing & Purifying

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As part of my 2017 Beauty Resolutions, I’m trying not to buy so many skincare products- or if I do ones which I will actually use up! As an avid face mask user, I have so many jars knocking around at home. Some I do use regularly (TBS Blue Corn is a fabulous one) but most of time they become forgotten..

So now I’m trying to use sheet or packet masks; they may work out a little more price wise, but I’d rather use something up fully than end up throwing it away! Be prepared for lots of these packet masks this year hahaa!

If you have any suggestions please do leave them below 🙂

– F M F : Boots Ingredients – Cleansing & Purifying – 


These Boots own sheet masks graced our stores late last year I think. In this range there are 5-6 different sheet masks all aimed at different skin types & solutions. As you can guess, I went for the more blemish fighting ones! 

So, what does the mask claim..?

This specially formulated sheet mask is enriched with Charcoal and Willow bark known to help cleanse and purify the skin. A skin care pick me up that will leave your skin feeling cleansed, purified and revitalised in just 15 minutes.boots.com

I have used a few sheets masks before, much like peel off ones, these are perfect for lazy evenings! Charcoal always seems to work well with my oily / combo skin so I couldn’t wait to try this one..

Time To Test..

Upon opening it smells lovely and fresh, it was thicker than some other sheets masks I’ve tried which makes it easier to handle. The mask is full of the serum like product, it is very slimy and a little tricky to unfold- however this is 99% user error..

It was a little bit for my face, I cut the nose bridge to avoid it sitting on my eyes! Like I said, the mask is full of product but it does stick well to the face. As stated on the packet the mask does tingle slightly- only for a few minutes. For the full 15 minutes the masks feels cooling and fresh on the skin, very soothing also with the fresh scent!

After removing there is a slight layer of the ‘serum’ left which, again as directed, you simple rub into the skin until smooth. This only took a few seconds and left a lovely smooth feeling. I only saw a tiny bit of redness straight after removing- but the went away quickly!  Everything just felt very cool and fresh, I can’t say I saw any drastic changes to blemished areas- but after an hour my skin did look fresh and cleansed. 


This isn’t a bad sheet mask at all, I think I just want something a bit stronger with spot fighting! I really liked the fresh, cleansed feeling it gave both on & off the face. Not sure if I would buy these regularly as they are £2.50 a mask.. but if they go on offer I may get a few more to try!?

A good, quick cleansing mask- I think I just need something a little stronger for spots fighting!

Do let me know if you’ve tried this or any of these Boots masks- along with any good spot fighting masks 🙂

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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