L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24H Matte Foundation | Test & Review

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Safe to say that last year saw a few foundations being tested on the blog, mainly in the summer months to find one for my oily skin! My top choice had to be the Revlon Colorstay as it just works wonders- but recently it’s been a bit too heavy for me.. I think (as it’s still rather chilly here in the UK) mixed with the air con at work and no cold air circulating, I’m in a weirdly warm / humid air all day. As my skin doesn’t feel too oily but starts to look cakey by the early afternoon! So I’m back on the search for some more oil controlling foundations- I was itching to trying something new hehee. And of course I had to share my new research with you all!

I hope this little review & test post can be helpful in some way, do let me know your thoughts if you’ve tried this foundation or any recommendations below! 🙂 

– L’Oreal Paris Infallible Matte Foundation | Test & Review – 


Before we begin typing I shall let you know that I have oily / combo skin.

You may remember me mentioning in my  L’Oreal False Lash Superstar X Fiber Mascara review that when purchasing I got a deal with L’Oreal stuff..!? After looking online for oily skin suited foundation this one kept appearing, I have been eyeing up their True Match for a while. On both Superdrug & Boots it has 4*+ reviews..

P A C K A G I N G     &     P R I C E 

I really like the slim tube we get with this foundation; it’s not heavy and would be great for traveling. It has a soft matte feel but still looks premium. We have the same colour themes & text as the original infallible also. The price is very reasonable considering it’s L’Oreal- £7.99 on Boots & Superdrug with the standard offers always on too! 

C O L O U R     M A T C H 

There are 6 shades in the range from light to medium, as you can guess I picked the lightest shade 10 Porcelain :

PicMonkey Image.jpg

Shades do run on the warm side with these, I also swatch 11 Vanilla in stare which was far too warm! Porcelain is slightly on the warm for me, but with concealer and powder it’s not too bad- hopefully in the summer it’ll be perfect. If you are very pale I’m not sure if the shades fall light enough sadly!

P R O D U C T     C L A I M S 

According to both Boots & Superdrug online :

” Introducing New Infallible 24HR Matte Foundation by L’Oreal Paris. A matte result that lasts up to 24 hours. Clinically proven; waterproof, steamproof. All the comfort, none of the shine. Perfect coverage. No Cakey effect. Easy to apply, enriched with perlite technology, and reduces the appearance of shine up to 24 hours.

T I M E     T O     T E S T 

As with all my foundation review, I test with both full & basic make up days- it’s been both freezing cold outside and very warm inside recently so there’s lot of temperatures to deal with..

Basic Make Up  :   Over Moisturiser, Light Concealer  /  Under Light Concealer, Powder

This is my day-off, popping out for a few things make up. I know that the moisturiser won’t completely control my oils but I don’t need this make up to last! A little goes a long way with the formula; it isn’t too thick but feel smooth on the skin. I dotted it around my face and blended with a buffing brush, then going over with a sponge. Super quick to blend with a quick dry down time, it does have a slight fresh scent to it also. It gives a really nice coverage without feeling heavy as claimed. 

Only towards 7 pm my skin started to feel slightly oily- but it didn’t really look it! There was a ‘dewyness’ which is to be expected, but nothing to drastic. Chin and nose areas, as with all foundations, were looking more so but nothing a blotting sheet could fix! It still felt comfortable on the skin which is rare with my moisturiser base. Very impressed with how this held up! 


Full Make Up : Over Primer, Green Concealer, Light Concealer / Under Light Concealer, Powder 

Typically at least a good 5-6 hour work wear here, against the ever changing air-con climates at the moment too! Again everything blending together well with the light feeling but full looking coverage. 

Over the day it continues to feel lightweight all day, I did still need to blot around lunch time but nothing much! Mostly on my chin & t-zone- everywhere is is pretty much ok. The colour does slightly oxadise but it’s not too noticeable. It continues to leave a soft matte look to the skin, only slightly ‘caking’ around mouth area, but I think this is mainly due to the very warm work air-con environment at the moment! Towards the very end of day (if I were going out or something) I would blot and powder again, but it still feel pretty much there- the only real point is the slight oxidization. 

O V E R A L L 

Overall, I am really impressed with the foundation- the feel, wearability and price is great for the high-street! It gives the coverage and oil control without feeling heavy. I don’t think I mentioned that I applied  it with a buffing brush then smoothed with a sponge. Of course considering what you’re doing / temperatures things can get a little dewy looking, but nothing a blotting sheet won’t fix!  I’m really glad I finally tried this foundation as it may be rivaling my beloved Colorstay.. I can’t wait to try this is the summer months! My only problem is that I wish they did one more lighter shades for us pal gals’..

If you have oily / combo skin I would highly recommend giving this foundation a try, for full coverage without the cakey feel! Please let me know if you’ve tried out this foundation too- with any tips or recommendations!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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