Double Chocolate Pastry Twists

Hello 🙂

As we’ve left the frantic festive period, I found some ready made pastry packets forgotten in the fridge- all with intention of some fresh mince pies hahaa! To my surprise they were still in date, just..

Not wanting to make something overly complex with it I went straight to the cheese twists, rolls idea; technically you should use puff rather than shortcrust for these- but it’s all the same thing right? Thankfully these turned out super tasty and just as good as puff pastry bases. Today we shall be typing 1 or 2 little recipe tests bakes I did, as always I’m not claiming any other these recipes as my own. 

I really hope you like this super quick recipe- trust me, they’re VERY moreish… 😛

– Double Chocolate Pastry Twists –


You Will Need:

Ready Made Shortcrust Pastry (1 pack should make aprox 14-15 regular size twists)             – Chocolate Spread (plain, flavoured, whichever you prefer)       White & Dark Chocolate Chips Packs     1 egg, beaten     Icing Sugar, to finish


1. Allow the pastry to sit out for the stated time, 45 min to an hour 

2. pre-heat your oven to 170 fan / Gas Mark 4 & prepare a lined baking tray

3. Place the pastry onto a flat chopping board, cut into half. Spread one half generously with the chocolate spread, sprinkle on chocolate chips. You could add nuts or fruit here also!?PicMonkey Image.jpg4. Place the other pastry half over the top and press down slightly. Cut into strips (however big / small you need) and place onto the baking tray, twisting as you lay them down- mine were all different shapes and sizes trying to do this haha!

5. Brush all with the egg wash, you could also add some sugar / cocoa powder before baking

6. Bake for 15 mins, checking after 10. Once baked, allow to cool slightly with a sprinkling of icing sugar before serving- ENJOY!

This is a super simple recipe but, trust me here, a super tasty one! Perfect for snacks or party nibbles, you can add whatever you like to this. I was expecting the chocolate spread to ooze out of these  but they held up really well! These are good for a few days but best baked and eaten on the same day 🙂

I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading this little recipe, there’s another savoury version coming soon too..! Please do leave me links to your baking posts or instagrams below for me to follow too!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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