Manicure Mondays : Blue Waves

Hello 🙂

Eagle-eyed readers out there may recognise this nail look from a few months ago..I highly doubt though hahaa! This week the inspiration wasn’t coming to me; googling, pinteresting’, instagraming’..nothing was ”calling” to me..

Thinking about past nail looks I remember how easy but effective this one was! Since doing these nails I’ve had some lovely complements about them. Like I’ve said before, this look is so simple but so cool looking, I hope you enjoy reading! 🙂

 – Manicure Mondays : Blue Waves –


Starting off with my Nail Prep routine!

You can use any colour selections you like for this look- I started with the black, white, grey but wanted a bright pop of colour! The shades I used were;

Barry M Gelly ‘Chai’  /  Barry M Gelly ‘Guava’  /  Maybelline SuperStay ‘Snowed In’  /  Maybelline Color Show ‘Blackout’

Apply your base colour (Chai) and allow this to dry fully. 

For the sweeps (still not sure what to call the effect haha) all you need is a small, but not stiff, brush. Different brushes will give different finishes- if you guys you any other brushes for nail art do link me the post or instagram below!

Use a surface to place a few drops of polish, starting with the lightest shades first. Lightly dip the brush into the colour and sweep across the nails one by one. I went alternate sides (working inwards) a couple of times with each shade, 3-4 lines on longer nails. Build up the effect as wanted.

Allow all to dry alone for 15 mins to avoid smudging before adding a topcoat to seal.

I just LOVE this nail look, you can use any colours or brushes to create unique patterns every time. There’s a few more ways I want to play around with this method- stay tuned haha! 

As always, let me know your thoughts on this nail look, plus links you any blogs or instagrams below!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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