Make Up & Beauty Resolutions 2017

Hello 🙂

Now, I’m not normally one for resolutions it has to be said- but I’ve been inspired by reading lots of beauty & make up themed ones. I had a HUGE make up clear out last month and have been wanted to do some form of de-clutter post.

This isn’t a massive change or life changing inspirational post by any means, but it’s so fun to read and share tips!

Do let me know any of your resolutions below or any tips! 🙂

  – Make Up & Beauty Resolutions 2017 –


As mentioned, last month I had a huge clear out of make up and skincare bits. I’m a sucker for seeing something getting a good review and buying it straight away- or if there’s a really good deal in stores! I suppose over the last few years I lost my love of it, more so with make up; for work I use the same palette to create the same quick and easy look. Luckily the palettes I owned were cheap Make Up Revolution ones so I didn’t feel too bad about getting rid of them. Plus most of them had been sat there for 3-4 years! 

Similarly with skin care products, I’d buy masks and treatments and store them away only to then forget about them! As you know I’m on the constant journey to find good acne fighting products, so I have quite a few pots of creams and masks! Plus for the blog I always like to try new things which adds to the forgetting of the older products..

So, I’ve typed up a few rules for the new years to hopefully help with using products and in return also saving some money to! So, in no particular order..

Use Products Up One At A Time : We all do it- whether we have 2 or 3 cleaners or shower gels on the go! This one is more focused around skincare; wanting to always try new products I always get half way through something before the next one’s added. After having a good sort out I’ve keep products that I know work and most importantly, aren’t old! Plus thinking about blog reviews, I can hopefully give a full usage review rather than a few tries..

Buying Face Mask Sachets Rather Than Pots : I can’t tell you how many times I buy a pot or tube of face masks and only use it a few times! Most brands do have sachets versions of their big size mask pots. The sachets are £1-2 a go which isn’t too bad- my think now it that I’d rather fully use that one use £2 mask than waste a £8-9 large pot! Of course there will be a few exclusions on this one, in which I will only buy if there’s an offer on.

Stick To Colours / Shades I Know I’ll Wear : Why do I buy the bright colour lipsticks, the bright eye shadows or even nail colours I already have? Either because they were on sale, part of an offer or someone else has it. This is the main issues I found with my eyes shadows, most of the palette were in the same or matching shade groups- or have a variation of all of them 3 times within them! Now all the palettes I own are slightly different and ones which I will use.

Don’t Just Buy Things For Reviewing : You guys know that I don’t and have never called myself a ‘blogger’ or ‘reviewer’ of any standing. But some of the products I have blogged about, and have liked, but are never really used again. Plus this also goes back to saving some cash! 

And there concludes some small beauty resolutions for this year, nothing crazy or drastic- but hopefully they’ll make for better quality blog reviews and saving a few pennies! 

Do let me know your thoughts on these resolutions, also leave your ones too!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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