F M F : Origins ‘Clear Improvement’ Mask

Hello 🙂

Bit of a more up-scale face mask brand today we could say ay’!

But never fear- I haven’t changed my ways haha! Over Christmas I was kindly gifted some All-For-One gifts card, which I never knew until reading the card you could use online; one place being Look Fantastic! I don’t think I have shopped on there before, but with the sales and some money to spend I thought I’d treat myself..

So this weeks we have 1 of a few masks I purchased- my skin has been all over the place the last few weeks, the Christmas calories didn’t help.. 

As always, please leave me your thoughts / links to reviews below along with any other good spot fighting masks I should try! 🙂

– F M F : Origins ‘Clear Improvement’ Mask –


On my little shopping spree I purchased a couple of these little mask packets. I’ve never tried anything from Origins but they always seem to get good reviews! These pods are £2.50 each and come in (I think) all the masks they do. As you can guess I got the two acne targeted ones! 

Looking online this mask claims to :

 Detoxify your skin with the Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Face Mask Pod from Origins, a face mask enriched with a blend of ‘nature’s clean-up crew’ that work in synergy to purify skin of dirt and grime. The Clear Improvement mask has been fortified with active charcoal, an ingredient that acts like a magnet to draw out pore clogging impurities, and white China clay to absorb environmental pollutants. Its deep cleaning properties get to work in just ten minutes, so your skin feels flawless and fresh.After use, skin will feel decongested and look perfectly pure. 

I will admit, I have high hopes for this mask- I’m typing this as I’m using it to save time haha!

The mask has a thick, grey, creamy texture with a natural scent. It applies very easily and feeling slightly cooling on the skin, on the more spotty areas it does tingle slightly- nothing too bad much something to note if you’re on the sensitive skin side! 

As the mask begins to dry you can feel it tighten on the skin, again more so on the spotty areas. The more thinly applied areas dried to a light grey colour- I may have applied it a little thick.. After the 15 min 80% of the mask was dry, I left in on for a further 5 to dry completely. It washed off fairly easily- I would say less is more with this mask! Luckily there was no added redness to been seen after removing also! 

I must admit, as this is a pricey mask and from a higher end brand my expectations were on the high side.. My skin did look and feel squeaky clean and cleansed. Pores felt tighter and looked reduced with a soft, non greasy feel to my skin! Just generally a lot better and cleaned out. I also noticed, after an hour or so, my skin did look much clearer and even!

Overall I am impressed with this mask; I would say you can get 2 mask applications from the little pods, and they’re a great way to try them out- plus they’d be great gifts! As it goes for purchasing the full £20+ tube I’m not so sure; for me there are other cheaper masks that work perfectly fine for me. But I may get some more of this pods for a treat now and again! A very nice mask, but I don’t know if I can justify the full size hahaa

Please let me know your thoughts if you’ve tried / use this mask below!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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