Best Of Beauty 2016

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I can’t believe we are about the close on another year..! But on the positive side we all get to share our favourite things from 2016. Since January  I’ve have an ongoing list which has altered a lot- my thinking was to save the ‘I can’t believe I forgot about the moment‘! So, following on from last weeks Best Of Skincare 2016 collection, we shall be typing beauty today!

There have been a lot of great product releases this year, but these are my top / longest loves! Most of these we’ve typed about already so I won’t bore you again haha. I really hope you enjoy these picks- please let me know your thought and links to your own posts below 🙂

– Best Of Beauty 2016 – 


R E V L O N    C O L O R S T A Y     F O U N D A T I O N 

Over the summer I was on a foundation finding mission! We must have tested at least 5 different foundations for us oily skin gals’. I won’t go on about how much I love this foundation since my original review. Since re-discovering this beauty I haven’t tried anything else; it performs even better in these colder months and I’m already on my second bottle! Highly, highly recommend this foundation you have oily skin!

M A Y B E L L I N E     L A S H     S E N S A T I O N A L 

You know by now my obsession with trying new mascaras; safe to say there has been a few this year! But when looking at my list and make up bag this has to be the one that’s stuck. Again, I shall leave my original review with pictures here. I think the original version made it into last years Best Of post, there hasn’t been as much hype about this one- but it’s so much better for me! The Spider Lash was also a good mascara this year, but it can look a tad clumpy at times. Hopefully we’ll have a third version of the ‘lash sensational’..

T H E    B O D Y    S H O P    D O W N    T O    E A R T H    P A L E T T E   01

I don’t think this has made it into a post yet- mainly because it went and has stayed put in my make up bag! These stunning palettes were new from The Body Shop this summer, they are re formulated and 10x better than their old ones. I believe there are 4-5 colour sets, this is 01 Go For Gold. The shadows are super creamy and blend effortlessly- with the two darker shades you only need a dab your brush to get full pigment pay off. Pretty sure I got this with a discount code which they always have online- really like these shadows, may have to get another one hehe! 

B A R R Y    M    W E T    S E T   T O P C O A T 

A very new discovery here as you may remember from a few weeks ago!? I did have the China Glaze quick dry one on the list for a while but this Barry M beauty has topped it! They do both work really well but the Barry M one just gives a slightly nicer finish. For £3.99 it’s a steal and so easy to find! If you haven’t already tried this you need to right away- I’m an avid user of Barry M and I can’t wait for all the 2017 releases! 

R I M M E L     K A T E M O S S     C O L L E C T I O N    (BOHO NUDE)

I could just stare at these stunning rose gold lipsticks for hours… Another fairly new release but one I had to include! I posted a mini collection post a few months ago and Boho Nude has been the most used. I am really liking the new The Only One Mattes but the Boho Nude has be mentioned! I believe the packaging is limited edition but it’s pretty similar the ’03’ from the regular Kate lipstick line.

C L I N I Q U E     S U P E R P R I M E R 

Once again, this was part of my foundation experiments this year; I received this in a LIB Beauty Box and fell in love with it! Yes it is on the pricey side but it works like a charm- not completely mattifying but with the above Colorstay I can’t complain. With a lightweight formula which sinks into the skin, it softens and gives a smooth finish on the face. Ask for a sample if you see a Clinque counter and test it for yourself!  I’m currently working on a round out foundation / primer post so stay tuned!


It’s always hard to pick your absolute favourites from a list of many- but also fun to see what has stuck! I’m sure most of you have tried these products, but if not I hope you’ll go and try them. 

As always, please let me know your thoughts on these picks, leave a link you your Best Of 2016 posts below!

It has to be said- 2016 has been a odd year, but I hope you all had a good one regardless! I wish you all a fabulous 2017 (it feels so weird to type that!) with everything from your work to blogging! Who else is excited for all the new product releases!!!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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