THE Brownie Reindeer Pack

Hello 🙂

I’ve been waiting a year to try out this baking idea- no joke haha! A very simple Pinterest idea but such a fun one.

Plus I thought this was a good chance to try a new brownie recipe from BBC Good Food!

I really hope you enjoy this super fun and quick Christmas bake- do leave links to your own baking blog or Instagrams below 🙂

– Brownie Reindeer Pack – 


As stated, the brownie recipe is from BBC Good Food, and the decoration from Pinterest

For The Brownies :

⋆ 185 g butter     ⋆ 185 g dark chocolate     ⋆ 85 g plain flour     ⋆ 40 g cocoa powder     ⋆ 100 chocolate chips     ⋆ 3 large eggs     ⋆ 275 g caster sugar

– Melt the butter and dark chocolate over boiling water or in the microwave, allow to cool before use

– Heat oven to 170 Fan / 180 C / Gas 4 and line a 20 cm tin.

– In a large bowl whisk the eggs and caster sugar together until light & fluffy and double in size. This should take 3-4 mins. Once thicken, pour in the melted chocolate mixture and gentle fold in.

– Sift in the flour and cocoa combining gently once again. Finally adding in the chocolate chips.

– Pour mixture into prepare tine and bake for 25 – 30 mins. Once baked allow to cool fully or overnight.

For The Decoration :


⋆ 8 x red smarties      ⋆ 16 white chocolate buttons     ⋆ 16 milk chocolate chips     ⋆ matchmakers chocolate sticks     ⋆ chocolate chips for melting / sticking

– For the antlers : use 2 half  ‘matchmakers’ for the center and 1 half piece cut into 4 for the spikes. Place the centers onto grease proof paper with space in between. Melt some of the melting chocolate chips, dip each spike into the chocolate and lay onto each center. Allow these to set in the fridge for 10 mins! 

– Once the brownies are completely cool, make a small triangle template for the reindeer. Cut out as many as you can from the bake, I got about 10.  Place onto a flat surface ready to decorate! 

– Using the melted chocolate apply a red smartie nose to each. Then a white button for the eye with a single chocolate chip for the pupils. 

– To stick the antlers on, dip the ends into the melted chocolate and rest against the top of each face. Place all into the fridge to set for 10 mins.

Hopefully that all makes sense.. It only took me about half an hour to cut and decorate all 8 reindeer! 

I really love the look of these guys- really simple to create while being fun also! Perfect for work, Christmas bake sales or even a baked gift. I must also give BBC props for the brownie recipe- it was as promised possibly the ‘best ever!’ very gooey and rich and holds up well when being cut. 

Do let me know if you like these brownies. I really hope you give this super fun and easy recipe a go- do let me know if you do so or any links to your Christmas baking! 🙂

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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