F.M.F : 7th Heaven Tea Tree Peel Off Mask

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I keep thinking we’ve blogged about this one before..I’ve checked the archives but I’m sure something similar has featured before! But any who’, I love these face mask packs!

It seems that they go by 7th Heaven & Montagne Jeunesse now? On my last Boots trip I stocked up on these, there have been a couple of these masks featured on here already. 

These masks are super quick and easy to do- I much prefer ones which peel off!

– F.M.F : 7th Heaven Tea Tree Peel Off Mask –


My skin has been a little temperamental this week, due to a number of things, so a lot of products have been needed! I used the Seaweed Peel Off Mask first which worked a treat- this mask claims similar effects with a ‘d-stress’ element too.

As soon as you open the packet there is a lovely fresh, tree tea scent. I used a brush to scoop and apply the mask- it’s a very light and thin gel texture. Of which I’m sure there’s less than the old ones, pretty sure we could get 2 masks from 1 pack. 

On the skin it has a cooling and slightly tingly feel, nothing painful but something to note if you’re sensitive skinned. As the gel dries you can feel it tightening slightly, after first applying my face did look red but that faded!  The cooling scent and feeling continues also. I left the mask on for 25 mins- most of it dries but I should have given it an extra 5 or 1.

It peeled off easily with no pain or pulling. I would say my skin felt cleansed and fresh, it had calmed down some active breakouts leaving no extra redness. Also feeling soft too.

However, I’m not blown away by it. It did the job and that’s about it, I think I prefer the charcoal mask. It is a good mask, but for me the charcoal one cleared my skin out more.

Do let me know your thoughts on these masks and your favs below- also any other masks I should try!

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