Doing Some Good This Christmas

Hello 🙂

We often all see the collection tins and volunteers around towns and by shop doors, more so this festive time of year. I’m very guilty of doing the quick walk past, or ”looking at my phone” getaway move like a lot of us. Not because I don’t want to give anything- but because most times we’ve got a trolley or hands full of shopping!

But as this festive season grows, we are reminded of those less fortunate than ourselves. Most charities have tv/online ads and the supermarkets have donation collections. Over the last few days I’ve been thinking about doing some donating. A few of us at work put together some Shoe Box Appeal boxes for the Trussell Trust last month, which is another fantastic yearly cause which we’ve done for years!

I know a small donation may not change the world, but it could make a change in one persons life. 

– Doing Some Good This Christmas – 


So, I’ve been looking at some of the UK charities that have Christmas Present donations and also a few slightly closer to home. This isn’t a post about me bragging that I’ve done my bit or that this is making me an amazing person by any means. But just that maybe a little £20 meal or a buying a couple of extra bits on the food shop may help someone else in a small way! 🙂 

There are SO many different charities and ways we can help out- both people and animals! I’m going to donate online to Salvation Army causes (they have a few) and continue to look online and in charity shops! Also I’m going to try and remember to buy a few extra bits on my next shop! Let me know if you’ve donated or if you work with any charities below!

Thank You so much for reading this little blog, I hope it’s come across in the right way! I’m going to try and do more charities donations next year!


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