Christmas Manicure Mondays : Oh Holly Night

Hello 🙂

Back with week number 2 of this years Christmas Manicure Mondays, I really hope you liked last weeks Penguin ones!? This week we’re getting a bit more tradition with some holly, I’m trying not to do the same ones as last year haha! I will admit to you now I wish I hadn’t added the light green to the holly leafs on this one- but that’s what trying these nail art things is all about. I really hope you enjoy reading and I can’t wait to see everyone else’s too- do leave any blog or Instagram links below 🙂

– Christmas Manicure Mondays : Oh Holly Night –


Again as always, I’m no expert at fancy nail art and there are some rough edges- but it’s so fun to try! My inspiration is from Pinterest! 

Starting off with my Nail Prep routine!

Begin with a light coat of a glitter polish, I used Barry M ‘Yellow Topaz’ and allow to dry.

For the holly; use a green polish of choice ( I Maybelline Super Stay ‘Emerald Excess’) and a small dotting tool to form the shapes. I found this a little tricky as you can see, the best way is to form ‘u’ shapes. A very thin brush may have been easier haha! Allow to dry for a second before added shading if desired- I used Barry M Gelly ‘Key Lime’.

PicMonkey Imagekk.jpg

Lastly, using a bright red (I used Maybelline Super Stay ‘Deep Red’) and a large dotting tool- add two large berries on each holly.

Allow nails to dry naturally for a good 10 mins to avoid smudging, then apply a top coat!

I must admit this isn’t exactly how I wanted this one to look, but again that’s what these posts are all about. Like I always say I’m no expert- I think without the lighter green they would look so much better! I shall have to keep practicing this one me’ thinks..

As always, let me know your thoughts on this nail look, plus links you any blogs or instagrams below!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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