Christmas Manicure Mondays : Penguin Power

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Finally we can start typing about festive nail art ideas!! I’m sure, like myself, we’ve all been thinking about what festive nail art we can try and attempt this year- as with all my nail art posts I am by no means an expert haha! But nonetheless it’s fun to give this looks a try. We have 3 weeks of Christmassy’ nail art ideas coming up here on the blog! I really hope you enjoy reading and I can’t wait to see everyone else’s too- do leave any blog or Instagram links below 🙂

– Christmas Manicure Mondays : Penguin Power –


Technically this is an exclusive Christmassy’ nail look, but penguins are always one of the festive animals- which is no problem as they’re one of my favourite animals! As an every nail design or a single accent nail these guys are super cute and easy to do. 

Again as always, I’m no expert at fancy nail art and there are some rough edges- but it’s so fun to try! My inspiration is from Pinterest! 

Starting off with my Nail Prep routine!

Start by painting your nails with a black polish (I used Maybelline Color Show ‘Blackout’) 3/4’s down the nail. Allow to dry fully.

Using a dotting or detailing brush and some white polish (I used Barry M Gelly ‘Cotton’), create half oval shape from the cuticle up. This took me a few goes with some touch up with the black polish! While still using the white and a medium dotting tool, add two eyes top center. Allow to dry.


For the beak and feet take an orange polish (I used Barry M Gelly ‘Mango’), with a small dotting tool and add an ‘m’ shapes for the feel and a small triangle for the beak.

Finally add a small black dot in the center of each eye. 

Allow nails to dry naturally for a good 10 mins to avoid smudging, then apply a top coat!

I was pleasantly surprised these penguins weren’t a complete fail haha! You can make the face up or down and do all or accent nails. Either way I hope you enjoyed this fun nail look. 

As always, let me know your thoughts on this nail look, plus links you any blogs or instagrams below!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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