Rimmel The-Only-One Lipsticks : Original vs. Matte

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Earlier this year we typed about the, then new, Rimmel The Only One Lipsticks– which I may have titled slightly wrong.. From what I remember I wasn’t all that impressed with them; they were ok but they haven’t been ones I’ve reached for since! Unlike the Kate Moss Collection lipsticks. It now seems however Rimmel has released a matte version of these, I wasn’t intending on trying them but the offer prices got me..oops.

So it only seems fitting to do a little comparison post with these two formulas- I’ve tried to get similar shades to hopefully be more helpful, guess what colours..! Since my initial post there have been a lot more colours released (in the original formula). As always please let me know your thoughts if you’ve tried these lipsticks too!

– Rimmel The-Only-One Lipsticks : Matte vs. Original – 


Of course the first different we can see the the packaging; the originals are shiny black, with the mattes being matte red. They’re both the same shape in both  bullet and lipstick.

A P P L I C A T I O N  &   F O R M U L A

MATTE : I really like the colour of this lipstick; for a ‘nude’ it’s a very flattering shade from my pale skin tone. The formula glides onto the lips easily without feeling too dry, also a very pigmented formula. One swipe gives full coverage feeling lightweight on the lips. I would say the finish is almost velvet matte which, again, is very flattering without being too drying.

PicMonkey Imagel.jpg

ORIGINAL : The original formulas are very sheer and balm like, compared to the more opaque matte and other lipsticks. This may be with the lighter shades? This one is very sheer, it’s hard to get a full colour pay off but it does give a wash of colour. Like the other original ones I have they have a very sweet, watermelon scent. As the formula is slicker, with the round bullet it can make ‘staying in the line’ a bit trick as I noted in my original review post- as you can tell in the photo getting a sharp line on the cupids bow isn’t the easiest!

W E A R A B I L I T Y    &    F O R M U L A

MATTE : As before, it does feel very lightweight on the lips and isn’t too drying as some matte formulas can be! The colour and formula does last pretty well throughout the day. However, one think I kept noticing was that is does get slightly crumbly after an hour or so; when I had a drink I could feel little ‘chunks’ of the lipstick on my lips. Nothing terrible but something to note, you can feel the lipstick when eating / drinking. The only other slight issue to note is that, like most matte formulas, it does wear from the inner lip. As this is a nude colour it’s not too noticeable but for a darker shade it could be. Again, this is pretty common with any matte lip product formula. After a full work day I can still see some of the lipstick which is pretty good! It also doesn’t look overly drying / sinks into lip lines either!picmonkey-image

ORIGINAL : The original formulas are very sheer and balm like, compared to the more opaque matte and other lipsticks. This may be with the lighter shades? Again it doesn’t give sharp look with the formula and applicator. The balmy formula does dry down after an hour or so, there is still a ‘tack’ to it but it’s very comfortable on the lips. The watermelon like scent is very strong. I wasn’t expecting it to last as long as it did / does however- after checking on a work break I assumed it would have worn off, but no! I much prefer this shades than the one I originally tried- not a bad lipstick at all. It did last pretty well throughout the day while keeping good pigment.


I have to say, between the mattes and original formulas the matte wins it for me! They are both very good but mattes are my favourites at the mo. I may have to investigate some more shades.. Let me know what ones you have below with your thoughts on either formulas! I hope this little review / comparison post has been helpful 🙂 

As Always, Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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