Is This The BEST Quick Dry Top Coat.. Take 2!

Hello 🙂

Earlier this year we typed about an amazing product I stumbled upon, the China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat. Finding the one quick dry top top has been a quest of mine for a while! I came across the Chine Glaze one in TKMaxx for a bargain £3.99! 

Since then it has been in all Manicure Mondays and a high recommendation since. The only downside was finding it and for a good price.  I believe the last time I purchased them was somewhere online..

However, we now have a new rival for the Fast Forward..

– Is This The BEST Quick Dry Top Coat.. Take 2! –


When I saw this top coat on Barry M’s instgram page I couldn’t wait to try it- 1 because it’s a new Barry M polish and 2 it’s a new quick dry topcoat! 

Barry M Wet Set Quick Dry Top Coat

W H A T      D O E S       I T        C L A I M    ?

” Wet Set …Go! Wet Set Topcoat leaves nails dry in a flash! Simply apply over your favourite colour and enjoy a beautiful, hardwearing manicure.

T I M E    T O     T E S T

So, oh course this had to be put to the test! With the China Glaze I always give the polish a good 10 -15 mins to dry, by then it’s all dry and gives a shine and lasting finish to the polish. When first testing the Barry M, allowing to dry after for 10 mins, I was preparing dinner and also washing up- a good test against ”knocking” and touching a lot of things!

The formula isn’t too thick but glides onto the nail seamlessly. As soon as it starts to set you can see the glossy finish appear. After the 10 mins the nails are fully dry and feel strong- after making dinner and washing up my nails were still perfect!

O V E R A L L 

Having been using this for a few weeks I’m obsessed with this top coat! It dries super quick leaving your nails looking glossy and feeling strong. I would say it makes the under polish last longer and the shine doesn’t fade to fast either. 

For the price and easier availability I think this is my new favourite top coat! It does exactly what it says and is just, well, perfect.. If you’ve haven’t tried this already, you need too!

Do let me know your thoughts if you’ve also tried this polish, along with any recommendations below! 

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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28 thoughts on “Is This The BEST Quick Dry Top Coat.. Take 2!

  1. […] There seems to be around 6-7 colours in these holos (depending where you look) and they seem to be cheapest from The Born Pretty store direct. When applying the small brush / top makes to easy to curve around the nail. The formula glides onto the nail smoothly and quickly. You definitely need 2 coats for full opaque-ness, I tried a 3rd but I could see much difference. As always I used a topcoat afterwards. […]


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