Black Friday Picks 2016

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I’m typing this post a few days in advance from my own Black Friday work shifts, my fellow retailer worker unite haha! Black Friday started what feels like weeks ago now, but all the good deals are starting to land.  YASSSSS! Hopefully i’ll be able to get online early this morning!

Much like last year, I wanted to put a little pick post together- I love seeing the bargains people find and secret deals! I hope you like my little selections for this year, do let me know your thoughts or any good deals you’ve found below! Hopefully all these offers will still be on as this goes live..

– Black Friday Picks 2016 –

PicMonkey Imagejj.jpg

GOSH Make Up Bundle – was £27, now £10

I’ve been wanting to try GOSH products for a while now, they’re not cheap but no expensive for the drugstore. But this bundle looks really promising; a new mascara to try, a lovely looking lip liner & lipstick and a funky new eyeshadow stick. I’ll be sure to do a follow up post on these!

Black Velvet Chain Bag – was £17.99, now £8.99

This bag is just so pretty.. My obsession with handbags this year has taken over haha! With black velvet and gold chain hardware this bag looks so much more than New Look. For £8.99 it’s a steal! The only slight downside is that it would attract a lot of dust..i’m trying heard not to buy it!

Real Techniques Mega Set – was £100, now £40

If you know someone who’s just getting into make up, or you want to refresh your own, this is a bargain set! £40 sounds a lot but around £4 a brush it’s an amazing set- if I didn’t already have them I would be treating myself to this set for sure.

Black Suedette Heels – was £25.99, now £12.99

I never have occasion to wear fancy shoes like these, but a girl can dream right. They had these in a few colours on New Look and all look stunning. For £12.99, again, they are such a bargain. Perfect to go with so many outfits!

Barry M Gelly Gift Set – was £24, now £11.99

This pack works out about 84p per polish!! If you’re starting you Barry M collection, want some new ones try or buying for someone who does this is a bargain set. Again, if I didn’t have them all already I would get this set asap.

‘Millie’ Prairie Boots – was £25, now £12.50

As soon as I saw these they were sold. I think I mentioned in my last fashion post that I am searching for a pair of brown boots. Now, these aren’t perfect- but for £12.50 they can be haha! Low style, easy colour and hopefully super comfy. Again these come in a few colours but not all this price!

I hope you liked this few Black Friday picks- do let me know any good bargains you’ve found. Hopefully all the links will be working!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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