Netflix Originals Top 5 Watch List | 2016

Hello 🙂

I’m sure most of you are fellow Netflix addicts; more so for me this year as there have been some fantastic releases! I’ve done some similar Netflix posts before, but I wanted to share some of my current favourite shows from this year- some I am very late to (as always) but so glad we can all still enjoy them. Hopefully I can do a few more of these Netflix posts in the future.

Be sure to let me know what you things of these with any series recommendations below! 🙂

– Netflix Originals Top 5 Watch List | 2016 –


Like I said, some of these have been around for a few years- or may not even be a ‘thing’ anymore- but who cares right! Anything murder mystery or drama is right up my street- but two of these were a something a little different for me..

So, in no particular order:

N A R C O S 

It’s taken me a while to watch this, for ages it has been on the ‘currently trending’ bar! So when I needed a new series to watch this one seemed interesting; I had no idea what it was about prior to watching mind.. To explain briefly; we follow two DEA agents with the Colombian police in their search to catch / kill Pablo Escobar. Based on a true story, Escobar was one of the biggest cocaine drug cartels- the Narcos. We follow his life and his evolvement with Columbia and it’s government. It has a very true and raw feel to it, full of action and very brutal scenes. The cast is fantastic and most look very similar to their ‘real’ characters. As someone who didn’t know about the Narco’s scandal to begin with (all before I was born haha!) I found it addictive to watch- I love police themed dramas which have an authentic and raw atmosphere. I don’t want to say too much about the story line or characters in case you haven’t seen it! If you enjoy crime dramas which are quite brutal this is a fabulous one- however, it’s one you have to pay attention to as a lot of the dialogue is sub-titles with it being based in Columbia! 9/10

F    I S    F O R    F A M I L Y 

This is the most recent Netflix find, after finished Narcos I was searching some other good Netflix originals and this one kept coming up. Aside from The Simpsons & Bobs Burgers cartoons aren’t something I tend to go for. I enjoy them don’t get me wrong, just a genre that isn’t overly popular. However, this series is hilarious! Following the dysfunctional Murphy family each episode has a different theme. It has that ‘older’ Family Guy / American Guy feel but with something new added to the idea. Something a bit lighter to watch but very funny indeed. Short 20 min episodes with lots of multi leveled jokes. Hopefully we’ll get a few more seasons from Netflix! 8/10

S T R A N G E R    T H I N G S 

This isn’t a show that would normally appeal, as the whole sci-fi / supernatural genre is (literally) another world to me! Based around the powers and actions of the ‘upside down’ we follow a group of boys trying to get their friend back after he is ‘taken’. I’m sure you’ve seen the young actors doing interviews and tv appearances after this show has taken off! The acting of these young characters is incredible and the whole cast is superb. Set in the 80’s the settings, costumes and conventions of the time are mirrored in the events. It does have a lot of sci-fi references (which went over my head haha!) but I still really enjoyed it. Again, it’s something a little different but still a fantastic series whether or not you’re a sci-fan already. 8.5/10

O I T N B 

Is it three years since the first season came out? Regardless we have just had season 4 here in the UK- I think number 5 is on the way soon too. I must admit, for me the first 2 seasons have been the best so far! Even if you’ve never seen the show I’m sure you’re aware of the general plot. Initially following our main characters, Piper Chapman & Alex Vause, in how they ended up and started in prison. Throughout the series the focuses have started to center around certain characters and life events. With a selection of characters, stories and everyday prison life the show has covered a lot of topics. There are moments when you’re in shock, and sometimes in tears! Personally I would say the show has evolved a lot from the original season- but it’s still one I can’t wait to watch! 8/10

M A K I N G   A   M U R D E R E R 

I won’t go on about this show too much as I did a full review on it earlier in the year! But I still had to mentioned it on this list. A gripping and fascinating documentary about the convictions and trails regarding Steven Avery. I can only imagine how long this one series took to film and make- I do hope they have some stories to show us. One of those shows which you can just get lost in. Full review HERE if you fancy a full review.

Hopefully I haven’t given any spoilers away- please leave me your thoughts on these shows below, along with any show recommendations!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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7 thoughts on “Netflix Originals Top 5 Watch List | 2016

  1. I love stranger things! So good and like you, it’s not normally my kind of tv show but I love it! The casting is brilliant and definitely makes the show! I’ve only just started Narcos but I am excited to give it a proper watch since everyone seems to be talking about it!


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