Bargain eBay Phone Accessories UK

Hello 🙂

Recently I’ve been passing most of my time by watching ‘eBay haul’ videos on YouTube, with some corresponding purchases afterwards..

You know my love for a good bargain or dupe find! Some of the things you can find on eBay are, lets say, inventive; but there are some really funky and helpful tools out there. I’ve only got 3 things to type about with you all today, but no doubt this may be the start of something- let me know any good products you’ve found on eBay below!

– Bargain eBay Phone Accessories UK – 


All of these items are from UK sellers and under £5 – but as with all eBay prices they do differ day to day so there may be some differences between links and prices.

As I mentioned already, these purchases all came from watching eBay hauls on YouTube, they do all go hand in hand with picture taking however. My iPhone 5s is my main camera for everyday and blog bits, along with the landcam applandcam apppicmonkey editors- with the joys of natural light haha! As these accessories were cheap I wasn’t too fussed if they weren’t the best, but so far they have been really useful..

iRing Phone Holder & Stand

PicMonkey Image.jpg

These holder accessories aren’t a new thing by any means, but when I saw this one it looked really handy! I don’t think this is an certified ‘i’ / apple product, there are so many different types on eBay. This one here was £2.50 with free P&P in the UK and comes in 6 colours. This ring can be used with any mobile or small tablet, it also comes with a clip (1st pic) which you could put in the car or near a charger, to hang the device from. 

It came packaged in a very ‘apple like’ packaging and within 2 days. The ring stand/holder feels very sturdy with a light weight to it. To apply you simple peel off of backing and apply to your phone or case- best to see what holding direction works best for you before sticking! As you can see, it holds up well and fits perfectly in your hands. It’s not too chunky when not using either. I’m so impressed with this little device, just propping your phone up whilst watching YouTube or something or taking a steady picture!? For £2.50 it’s an absolute bargain and something I would buy again for sure! 10/10

3 in 1 Camera Lens Clip Set


These have been around for ages; most fit all phones on both front and back camera. As my iPhone camera is my main camera, I thought it would be fun to see if these lenses are any good- for blog and everyday photos! This set was £3.95 and came within 3 days.

It does take a second to work out how this all goes together- but once you do it’s fine! As I hope you can see in the 3rd image, the wide lens & macro lens sit together with the fish-eye singular. You twist the two apart or together to use and place on the lens clip / holder.  Both lens come with a cap and travel bag too. The clip can be places any way on your phone depending where the camera(s) are- it have soft pads to avoid damaging the phone.

PicMonkey Image.jpg

.For £3.95 these aren’t too bad I must say; I personally like the macro lens the best as it really does show all the detail on the 1p! The fish eye would be cool for fun landscape or group shots. It’s really easy to use and small enough to keep in a bag, great for traveling it just to have around if you’re an avid picture taker! I’m sure you can get fancier versions, or other lens attachments but these are really great! 7/10

LED Clip On Mini Ring Light


The term ‘selfie light’ is not the reason I purchased this hahaa..! This little light is what inspired the little shopping spree, I’ve seen the lumi cases but I don’t want something all the time. I thought for normal photos (and maybe the occasional selfie..) it would be helpful in lower lights? It did take a few weeks to get here but it looks very sleek and compact. On an iPhone 5s it fits perfectly over both cameras- it has padding on the clip to avoid marking. Surprisingly it came with batteries in to, it does have a usb cable but I can’t work out why.. This mini ring light has 3 brightness settings from a small button on the back of the pack. When taking picture there isn’t a huge amount of different between the three- I would guess it more dependent on the darkness level.picmonkey-imagePicMonkey Image.jpgI tested the light within purposely bad lighting, it did pretty well I must say. What type or quality this light I’m not sure- but for the price you can’t expect anything too fancy. It does give off that ‘ring light’ look but that’s too be expected. I’m really happy with the light and hopefully it’ll be handy to have in- especially as the days are getting shorted! Or to take on days out? 

Do let me know if you have any of these handy accessories- or link to any you think I should get as well! I hope you’ve enjoyed this little post 🙂

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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One thought on “Bargain eBay Phone Accessories UK

  1. I keep looking at the selfie lights and wondered how good they were. I’m impressed by how much it improved the lighting in your picture.


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