Manicure Mondays : Rimmel Super Gel Nails – The 14 Day Test

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A bit of a different Manicure Monday post today..

I’ve never had proper gel nails done in a salon; honestly, for the price (application & removal) and given how often I change them it doesn’t seem worth it! Plus I hear they can ruin your nails? However, if you work in an environment where you need some long lasting, durable nail polish I can totally see the benefits! 

There are so many different ‘gel-like finish’ polishes on the market, my favourites being the Gelly’s from Barry M! From my understanding the ‘gel look’ is just a very glossy finish from the colour polish and/or top coat- do correct me if i’m wrong!? Whilst browsing Superdrug’s website the other week, these Rimmel Super Gel packs were on offer for £5- you know I had to get one and test it out..

~ Rimmel Super Gel Nails : The 14 Day Test ~


This duo pack is currently on offer at Superdrug for £5 from £8.99- looking online, the polishes / topcoats are £5.99 singularly so this pack is a great deal! However not all the shades come in a duo pack. There are around 20 colour shades in this Super Gel range with different offers depending on retailer. For today’s Manicure Monday I chose shade 042 Rock n Rock which is a bright blue toned red. For some reason, when I think of gel nail colours, the bright reds and pinks always call out to me!? The self curing top coat is the same across packs.

What Does This Nail Polish Claim To Give Us..?

Rimmel’s first ever 2- step Super Gel nail polish for superior colour and shine that lasts for up to 14 days. Easy to apply, it dries like a regular nail polish, no UV lamps needed.
Super Gel has a patented Gel Colour System that uses natural light curing technology to deliver high-shine nails in the comfort of your own home.

How Do We Use It…?

” Apply two coats of brilliant Super Gel colour using the ultra-accurate precision brush for a streak-free, one-stroke application. The built-in base coat means there’s no need to prep nails to achieve a salon-perfect finish. Apply Super Gel Top Coat to on top of Super Gel Colour to activate the self-curing process – natural light does the rest. Nails are given an incredible shine and a super-smooth durable gel finish that covers any nail imperfections. 

All sounds promising! Following the directions I am just going to file and buff my nails before adding the polishes. As these polishes claim to last up to 14 days I shall be *deep breaths* seeing if they do so- hopefully taking pictures each day too!

Time To Test!

On first application the formula is really smooth and easy to apply; I love the bright red colour! It isn’t too thick and the brush gives good coverage. I gave the polish 5 mins drying time between each layer. A second colour layer really added some depth and shine. The topcoat is a lot thicker as I expected but still applied smoothly.


The finished look is very glossy with that thick gel look. I love the rich colour and how easy it was to apply! (Apologies for the light difference- the sun couldn’t decide what it was doing haha!)

After 7 Days:


Sadly as you can see, after 7 days the polish wasn’t looking too fresh.. I’m not taking any precautions  whilst testing this polish; I’m always opening boxes at work and generally using my hands a lot. Honestly I would say after 4 days the polish started to chip away on the tops. Also the initial shine / gel look has faded, although it must be said the colour pigment hasn’t!

After 14 Days:


As expected after 7 days, they really don’t look good- it has been KILLING me not to re-do my nails for this long haha! They were pretty much gone by this point, the colour did still keep it’s pigment but no way would I have kept them on if I had an event to go to. When I finally removed the polish, you do take off the topcoat layer. It removed fine with no issues, my nails look fine too!

So, Did It Stand The Test?

Sadly, I can’t say that this polish did. I had high hopes that it would last at least a good week, but alas! The colour did hold in there but the gel shine faded throughout the days. One thing that may be down to user error is that I may have not ‘cured’ the polish correctly; it states natural light but I was inside when I did them- maybe it need natural sun light instead? I wouldn’t say these were much like gel nails in lasting power or finish if i’m honest..the polish had a great formula and colour pigment, but I can’t say it’s a ‘Super Gel’ for me. I know it says ‘up to 14 days’.  I will use this as a regular polish for sure!

Please let me know your thoughts if you’ve tried any of these Super Gels and how they worked for you! Or any nail blogs / Instagrams’ below 🙂

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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