Maybelline Colossal ‘Spider Effect’ Mascara : Test & Review

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Who else has picked up this amazingly named mascara!? I don’t know if this is limited edition for Halloween or just a new release, but either way I was super excited to try it out! Some people don’t like the spiky lash look, but I don’t mind it- for me it’s when lashed look really clumpy and thick..

You all know by now my love for a trying a new mascara, and with a slight Halloween theme on here this week I had to type this now hehee! I really hope you enjoy this post, do leave me your thoughts and/or mascara recommendations below 🙂

– Maybelline Colossal ‘Spider Effect’ Mascara  : Test & Review –

IMG_1862 - Copy.JPG

I honestly think Maybelline is my favourite brand for mascaras; the price, the formulas, they rarely get it wrong! In the past I think a few of the ‘colossal’ ranges have featured on here, my favourite has to be this years Lash Sensational Luscious though.. It looks like this is an Superdrug exclusive– and currently on offer for card holders too!

This may be incorrect, but I have a feeling I’ve been hearing a few things about ‘spider lashes / lash looks’ on Instagrams and such? Again, it’s one of those things that can be a little different, or far too much! Either way, this mascara looked good to me..

P R O D U C T      C L A I M S :

 Get caught up in the this seasons hottest trend. New Colossal Spider Effect mascara adds dramatic volume, groups and sculpts lashes to bold, pointed tips. Open your eyes to the spider effect. Innovative brush with cone-shaped bristles to grab and group lashes. ”

B R U S H   &   F O R M U L A :

The main attraction for me was the very odd looking wand; innovative brush with cone-shaped bristles to grab and group lashesThe tapered, cone shaped brush allows you to reach right to the inner lashes. With the most obvious feature being the missing section;


It’s called the ‘spider brush’ which, I guess, is meant that is resembles a spiders body? Please correct me if you know the right answer haha! The bristles are well spaced and stumpy, getting shorted towards the thin end. I wasn’t sure how the brush would work- thinking mainly when you twirl up the wand but I was pleasantly surprised…

A P P L I C A T I O N    &   W E A R A B I L I T Y :

Within one swipe of the mascara lashes are coated and lifted from the lash line. The stumpy bristles catch all the lashes (even really short ones!) coating and adding volume to them! 


It does give a slightly more ‘spiky’ lash look rather than a fluttery one, but I really don’t mind it! I would say it gives a lift to the lashes which holds up well throughout the day. Oddly, the flat side works really well for adding colour and lift! I would say it does add dramatic volume, groups and sculpts lashes to bold, pointed tips with intense colour.

O V E R A L L :

I am really impressed with this mascara, the brush did confuse me a little at the start but it works like a dream! The stumpy bristles catch all lashes and gives a different and lifted lash look. If you like a more dramatic lash look you have to give this one a try- hopefully it will stay around for a little while! As always, another fantastic mascara from the wonderful Maybelline!

Do let me know your thoughts if you’ve also tried this mascara, or anything else I should try out below! 

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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