Halloween Brownie Baking

Hello 🙂

It really doesn’t seem a year since I was typing last years Halloween Baking post! Even though I never do anything Halloween’y, it’s still a great excuse to have a go with some decorative baking..right?

Last year we dis some suitably themed cupcakes, so this I thought we’d try something different- brownies! As I always say in these baking posts; by no means am I any form of expert with decorating or skill haha! I hope you like this Halloween brownie ideas; do leave me links to your own Halloween baking below 🙂

*I am not claiming either of these ‘design ideas’ my own*

~ Halloween Brownie Baking ~


The brownie recipe can be found HERE – just baked in a longer / deeper pan

B L O O D Y   //   B R O W N I E S 


I’m still unsure what to call these..to be interpreted I guess!? But any who hopefully you can get the idea! This brownies are very quick to make and can be alter to suit. Take your cooled brownie and cut into medium squares. Cut out a dip in the center of each brownie ready for the filling!

Using fresh raspberries and/or strawberries; wash and place in a small bowl. Squish them with a fork making sure it looks chunky / ”guts” like! If these are being eaten straight away you can add some strawberry and/or raspberry sauce to intensify the ‘bloody’ look. Mix together, then add a spoonful into each brownie- again if these are being eaten quickly some more sauce could be added! Personally I think the messier these look the better, or the more texture too. Red fruits go so well with any type of chocolate so regardless of Halloween these would go down a treat- or trick..!

C H O C O L A T E   //   C O F F I N S


I’ll be honest with you here, the end result of these weren’t as polished as I wanted..but that’s ok haha! Again starting with a cooled brownie base, draw a coffin stencil as a guide in the size required. Using a small knife cut out the shapes. If the brownie is on the thicker side, like these, I cut them in half making sure (when covering) the cut side was face up.


Once all shapes are cut, place all on the wire rack with some foil underneath. Carefully melt either milk or dark covering chocolate according to pack direction. Once melted pour over each coffin and smooth with a small palette knife. This wasn’t as seamless as I thought..picmonkey-imageThe chocolate should be set after 10-15 mins, once set place onto a clean tray or dish. You can decorate as desired at this point- I just took a small white icing pack/pen and wrote ‘R I P” on each. Who doesn’t love chocolate on chocolate?

So there are two quick and each Halloween brownie ideas! I really hope you like these, I know they’re not the prettiest things in the world- but I suppose that’s what Halloween is haha!

Do leave any link to your baking blogs or Instagrams below 🙂

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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