Manicure Mondays : Do You Bite Your Nails?

Hello 🙂

Following on from lasts weeks Halloween Ghostly Greetings nail look, which I hope you enjoyed, we have a slightly more gruesome one this week. Last year I posted on of my favourite Halloween Nail Looks ‘Bloody No Nails‘ which is so easy but so effective! So I thought I would try and adapt it a little this year..

 ~Manicure Mondays : Do You Bite Your Nails? ~


This is, again, a very quick and simple look to do- you can build up the effect how ever much you want, or may have to for work hehe! Even just one for an accent nail would look cool.

Starting off with my Nail Prep routine!

For this nail look you will need a selection of dark reds / browns / blacks; from lightest to darkest I used-

Maybelline SuperStay ‘Deep Red’   /   Maybelline SuperStay ‘Midnight Red’   /   Maybelline SuperStay ‘Hot Hue’   /   Barry M Gelly ‘Black Cherry’   /   Barry M Gelly ‘Black Forest’

Working light to dark with the shades one by one, place a little of the polish onto a surface. Using a small piece of sponge start building up the colour in the center of your nail- concentrating in towards the center with each darker shade.


Keep repeating and building up the colour as desired- the more you work with the tacky polish the better textured effect will be! As hopefully you can see in the pictures! 

Finally make sure the very center of the design is super dark brown or black. If this was being worn with a equally bloody outfit you could add extra make-up effects to your hands?!

You can add a topcoat, but I think it looks more textured without!

I really hope you like this bloodied nail look, you can alter this look for the whole nail, an accent nail or however you need! 

As always, let me know your thoughts on this nail look, plus links you any blogs or Instagrams’ below!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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