The Body Shop Fresh Nude Cushion Foundation : Test & Review

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We’ve had a break from foundation testing for a few weeks- but now we’re back typing today! Another fairly new release which I was very interested to try out..The hunt for the perfect foundation is a constant one, which I am more than happy to continue haha- I hope you’re not sick of them all!

~ The Body Shop Fresh Nude Cushion Foundation  : Test & Review ~


This new Body Shop foundation is the second edition to their ‘Fresh Nude’ line; they launched the original Fresh Nude liquid foundation last year! I did get a sample of it but the fresh / dewy finish didn’t look good with my oil-prone skin. Nice coverage and feel but not one I could wear for a full coverage day finish. However, this foundation (although the same range) has some different claims which were very intriguing..

What Does This Foundation Claim:

” Our multi-tasking Fresh Nude Cushion Foundation is packed with beneficial skin care ingredients in a portable and innovative design. Discover buildable semi-matte coverage for instantly smoother, shine-free skin and 24 hours of fresh moisture. Experience the freshness of a liquid foundation and the on-the-go practicality of a compact all with mess-free application. Suitable for sensitive skin  /  Non-pore clogging  /  Designed with a built in mirror and pad applicator for easy on-the-go application  /  Formulated with mineral pigments for lasting colour  /   SPF 25 ” 

This foundation come in 5 shades, corresponding with the original Fresh Nude foundation and is £15 for the compact.

Packaging & Shade Match:

As with all the newly re-packaged Body Shop products is does look very fancy!


The size of an average powder compact with a slighting higher depth. The first layer holds the soft black sponge applicator, which flips out to reveal the cushion foundation compact! You get 12g of foundation in the compact and (I guess) you can clean off or buy new sponges? I really like the sleek black and white packaging with the handy application. The only thing I will say here is that it is best to keep this foundation up right so the liquid keeps level!

As above, there are 5 shades in this compact foundation which can be matched with your shade in the original version. I would recommend swatching in store to be be sure though! The shade I chose was Fuji Peony 01foundation 1.jpgEven though this is the lightest shade it has cool, yellow undertones as I hope you can see! It isn’t too warm and is a pretty good match for my pale skin, I have a natural pink undertone so I find yellow tones foundations, concealer even everything out. You can see the mesh cushion application before and after use.

Application & Wearability:

Unless I’m totally missing something (which is always very likely!) you can only apply this with a sponge; as you press into the cushion to ‘bring up’ the liquid the sponge picks up the product. Not all that much but I suppose that’s better than too much? The sponge is very soft and leave minimal marks. As directed via The Body Shop’s Instagram the best way to apply is to ‘rock it’ onto the skin. 

Time To Test!

Basic Make Up – Over : Moisturiser  /  Under : Concealer & Powder

foundation-2* where the final image with powder went is a mystery- apologies! *

As always I waited 5 mins for the moisturiser to set before applying the foundation. Applying with the soft sponge the formula rocking it onto the skin, easily giving an initial light-medium finish. It feels lightweight, cool and soft on the skin. As claimed it does leave a semi-matte finish. 

One layer gave a light-medium coverage evening out my skin- not enough to totally cover my cheek redness but a nice lightweight finish. A second layer did add more coverage but nothing that different if i’m honest. The sponge did give an even and mostly mark free finish. I did apply some concealer on my cheek as usual  which blended in fine! As the foundation continues to set it does become slightly more powdery and slightly oxidized. 

The weather was still a little warm when I tested; I just popped out to the shop and spent the day cleaning, etc at home. I expected the foundation to oxidize further but luckily nothing extra! Around the 6 hour mark my skin did start to look and feel a little oily. By the end of the day (12 hours) it did feel very oily and uncomfortable on the skin; I did blot but the foundation was starting to break down slightly.

Full Make Up – Over : Primer, Green Concealer & Light Concealer / Under : Concealer & Powder


I did find that this foundation worked and applied a lot better with a primer. It blended out ok with my initial green & light concealers with no sponge major sponge marks afterwards. A tad patchy in some areas though. As before, it still felt very light and cooling on the skin. But again there was some oxidization with the colour- nothing too bad but something to note.

On the testing day I popped out to do some shopping in the very indecisive weather here in the UK at the moment- one second it’s raining, the next beautiful sunshine?! It did hold up pretty well I must say, however after about 6 hours my skin started to feel and look a little oily..

A the very end of the day I felt extremely oily and looked more so too. I did blot with papers which helped, but looking close up everything was looking very patchy and not good.

Final Thoughts:

I’m conflicted of this foundation; it does leave a nice finish while feeling lightweight but I just wish it had more coverage! I like the compact and different application method- it’s also nice to get a good colour match. For me this would be a basic foundation for normal days, it doesn’t have the finish / lasting power I need for a full day! Against my oily skin it did better than I thought! It claims to be semi matte which I agree with, if you don’t struggle with oil it’s perfect!

If you have an even skin tone to begin with, I think you would really like it; or aren’t concerned with totally covering redness, pigmentation, etc. The foundations gives a light to medium coverage and works well with other base products. Very handy to apply and touch up with also. It doesn’t claim to be a full coverage foundation however it does last pretty well! I wouldn’t wear this as a full coverage base or for a long day.


Please do let me know yours thoughts on this foundation or any tips if your have it!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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