Rimmel Scandaleyes Reloaded Mascara : Test & Review

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We’re back on the mascara train today, with the latest release from Rimmel! I believe the past versions of their Scandaleyes collection have featured on here before– from what I remember some were pretty good.. If my memory serves me right they had a green, purple and coral coloured tubes? Do correct me if I’m wrong haha! 

As with all new released this was on offer in stores so I thought I may as well give it a go! Rimmel is one of my top brands so my hope are high..

I hope this test & review post can be helpful, as always please leave your thoughts on this mascara below and any links to reviews! 

 ~Rimmel Scandaleyes Reloaded Mascara : Test & Review ~


This is the latest version of the Rimmel Scandaleyes range with a new Reloaded formula. I don’t think Rimmel have had a new mascara in a while, they do tend to do re launches rather than totally new products- which is not a bad thing at all! The new one comes in Black (orange tube) and Extreme Black (black tube).

Looking online, this mascara claims : 

 The most scandalous mascara is back with a breakthrough – enter a new dimension of extreme volume without clumping, now with unstoppable, sweat-proof, smudge-proof, 24HR wear. Patented extreme-wear formula with special flexible polymers builds volume fast onto every single lash. To remove, simply wipe with a cotton pad soaked in warm water and the polymer formula flakes off easily – with no smudging or ‘panda eyes’, leaving no trace behind. The new tapered shape of our max-density brush will better capture the full lash fringe, loading volume corner to corner. ” superdrug.com

This all sounds very good for a fellow mascara addict! With the fancy tv / online advert it seems they have high hopes for their new product. Launching it with their new brand ambassador (Cara Delevingne) Rimmel are going all out with this one!

I do really like the look of this mascara, much like its predecessors but in a bold black & orange design. The brush is on the larger side with thick, bushy bristles. It has a typical mascara scent and it true to colour.

Application & Wearability 

Here’s where it starts to fall.. As the brush is on the larger side and just a standard simple shape (not curved, shaped, etc) it’s hard to get into your lashes.


With longer bristles I tend to catch my upper inner lash line when reaching the base of my lashes. You also have to be careful when approaching the inner eye not to hit your eyelid! As I hope you can tell, this isn’t a dense brush so not all lashes get coated from one coat. Honestly it can get messy. picmonkey-imageYou can sort-of layer it up but I’ve never got a full ‘extreme’ lash look from this mascara. As the brush is so thick it’s so easy to make a mess with it.  The brush just doesn’t catch enough of the lashes and isn’t flexible enough. I’ve also noticed that this mascara fades throughout the day!img_1423The above image was taken 2-3 hours after an application- not a good look I’m sure you’ll agree. It just seems to drop my lashes and slightly transfer off too. Again, I think this is down to the brush not being dense enough to catch and hold up all the lashes!?

So sadly for me, this mascara isn’t the ”extreme breakthrough” I was led to believe; I wouldn’t say this mascara gave me any of its stated claims- no extreme volume, buildable volume or wearability properties.

I hate to give this mascara such a negative review, I’ve been trying to work with for a week with no improvement! The whole point of my blog is to give honest and real reviews so I still wanted to share this mascara with you. Maybe the normal black formula is better? Maybe it has to dry out a bit? But for me this isn’t the mascara it claims to be.

Please let me know if you’ve tried this mascara and how it worked for you below!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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