The Battle Of The Blotters

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Foundations have been a heavy feature on the blog this summer; the quest to find the perfect on for oily skin is a long one! However, regardless of any foundation our natural oils always have a way of breaking though..Whilst looking for foundations reviews a few people mentioned their use of blotting papers throughout a day..I used to use blotting papers all the time in school and I couldn’t believe I’d forgotten all about them!

If you’re unfamiliar with what blotting papers are;  they are a sheet of absorption paper (you can get different types as we shall see) which you press onto oily areas to absorb excess oil / take away shine. Without the use of powder!

Since the start of summer I’ve been loving using and testing a whole bunch out! They are my best make up friend- simple amazing! I’ve got a few different types and brands to share with you today to hopefully give a mini review on them all- do let me know your favourite papers or any oily skin tricks below! 🙂

I hope this post can be helpful for my fellow oily skin warriors!

~ The Battle Of The Blotters ~


*these are a best to not the best (none are bad!) order *

Superdrug Shine Control Tissues   /   99p   /   100 Sheets

I think these are my favourite sheets of the bunch! Since accidentally finding them on a bottom shelve in Superdrug I have been so impressed with them; very similar to the NYX sheets but a touch softer. Also these are slightly bigger tissue so more surface area can be covered haha! I honestly can’t think of a bad point for these; the price is great (always on offers too!), the sheets to the job without taking any product with it and the packaging is perfect- is has a pull out ‘system’ which is very handy for on the go! These are hard to find in store but always in stock online. I highly recommend these, think these are my favourites..!

NYX Matte Blotting Papers   /   £3.50   /   50 Sheets

Thank you NYX for bringing your stands to our Boots stores! I believe there are 3 different types of blotting papers, these are the cheapest. These sheets are 100% pure pulp ate paper and just take away the excess oil / shine. When looking at the sheets they feel like a soft grease-proof paper with no added texture. I’ve been really enjoying these sheets; 3-4 will do my t-zone and chin areas and they don’t alter foundations / concealers. On a typical day I’ll only have to blot once around lunchtime which normally holds me for the rest of the day. The only slight negative with these is the price, £3.50 for 50 sheets only lasts for 13 days (using 3-4 a day) so these could get pricey. However, if you just want a pack to keep in your handbag these are great!

Amazon Pinzhi Oil Control Tissues   /   £1.83   /   200 Sheets

Apologies if the stated brand name is wrong, I’m just going my the Amazon listing I used. You can find these types of paper everywhere online, and as you can see the value for money is great! These sheets are Oil Absorption Control Film Tissue with that same soft grease-proof esc’ feeling and no added textures. Max 4 sheets to absorb oils in t-zone / chin areas with no transfer or altering of base products! Value for money wise these are so good- I have re-purchased these a couple of times now. The only slight negatives are that they can take a while to arrive (depending on seller) and the cardboard packaging isn’t the best..however I have order a holder..

Superdrug Deep Action Mattifying Shine Control Papers   /   £2.69   /   65 Sheets 

 Unlike the above these next two are powder transfer papers; when you press against the skin it absorbs oil and adds powder to the area. I used to LOVE these pads when I was at school. The powder is translucent and very fine. Online they are simple listed as shine control papers with no specifics on the material- however these are part of the spot clearing range. I must admit, these days I’m not so keen on these powdered sheets..They do the job but the powder can look a little obvious at time. Plus these sheets are tiny compared to the above! Not bad sheets at all if you want to added a little more coverage. The price is a little higher but the ‘book’ like packaging is super handy!

Boots Clear Skin Oil Absorbing Sheets   /   £3.99   /   50 Sheets

These are the priciest of the bunch, again sadly not my favourites.. As before these sheets have a powder transfer when applied to the face. No mentioned of paper material online but that these are impregnated with salicylic acid – Skin Clear is Boots own spot treatment line. Compared to the Superdrug powdered sheets I do prefer these as they are softer and larger and leave a nicer finish. The added salicylic acid aspect is really helpful for younger skins. Packaging is a similar ‘book’ like method with a cover. Honestly, I must say the price and amount of these isn’t worth it against the cheaper ones above!

I really hope this post is helpful if you’re looking for some good blotting papers or working out which type may work best for you!? Please leave me your thoughts on these below plus any recommendations or tips for oily skin below! 🙂

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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