The Not So Joyous Joys Of Job Searching..

Hello 🙂

Since my ‘Things Don’t Always Work Out’ post a few weeks ago, I’ve been wanting to type more lifestyle / career themed posts. 

Today’s theme is on job search sites; please don’t misunderstand me, I have found all of my jobs through them and they can be really good. But honestly, 60% of the time it’s not what you want! I totally understand that there are ad and promotional partners involved and the overall aim is to make money, but it gets so frustrating! So I wanted to share some of my biggest pet peeves if you will about job sites with you all, hopefully some of you can relate- leave me your thoughts below!

~ The Not So Joyous Joys Of Job Searching.. ~


Not Stating The Exact Location Of The Job

This is something that never fails to both annoy and confuse me; annoy because I don’t get how you can list a job with simply ‘UK’, and confuse because when you try to find out (normally from agencies) they state they can’t give that information! Who would apply for a job without knowing where it is. Ok yes, it could be listed under a city but it could be either side of it depending on where you live. Their reply almost seems confused as to why you want to know the location!? I’d also like to add here quickly, job listings that state two complete different locations- just why.

Not Stating The Company / Employer Of The Job

Same area here as above, this is often found with the agency adverts / contacting them. Normally they just say, for example; ”the role we’re recruiting for is for a company in the retail sector”. To which you try and gage what type of company and you are again, met with the we can’t give that information answer once again. The first thing I’m sure we all do when looking at a interesting job (with a employer you don’t recognise) is to do so research into them; what do they do, what’s online about them and general reviews etc. Pretty important to state the company you’d think…

Supplying Us With ”Suggested Jobs” That Are Totally Irreverent

Most job search sites have a suggested or ‘you might like’ type of section. Which one would think may be around the same or neighboring areas and roles you normally search for..? 40% of the roles are in these categories, but the majority of them are not. Which is super depressing when you see an amazing job only to discover it’s in the over end of the country.. 

Misleading Job Titles / Locations

This sort of links with the first point, but there are so many adverts that state the job is in the UK but when you read further it’s actually in another country!? I get they want to promote and get as many ‘clicks’ for advertising..but seriously?! The other day I clicked on a ‘customer service role’ only to read something along the lines of ”this is not a customer based role but a…”. Why.

Recruitment / Agencies Contact Regarding Non Specified Jobs

Again, this may all link to them gaining more commission or ad revenue from the more people that contact, but still this always gets me. On both jobs sites I use it states, in my profile, the job areas i’m interested in- also a  about some areas I wish not to be contacted about; call centers for example. To save them wasting time contacting me about jobs that I won’t go for. But no, it’s never an area in which I’ve said I’m interested in, always the opposite. There always seems to be a odd tone when you reply with a not interested response or normally no response if via e-mail..

Gosh it was good to vent type all that out haha!

I hope some of you can relate to these topics, again- this isn’t me bashing job searching sites, just stating that they’re not always as helpful as they seem..

Please leave me your thoughts below or any similar blog posts!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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