Rimmel London Fresher Skin Foundation : Test & Review

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Back today with a new foundation test post; I feel like foundations have been a heavy feature this summer here, but as an oily skin gal’ the search is never ending! Since rediscovering the Revlon Colourstay again it has been my everything this summer- through the heat, humidity, busy work it has always stayed put! But oddly recently, I’ve had the urge to try some new base products…

Which is when I came across the new one ‘Fresher Skin’ from Rimmel London. Claiming to keep a shine-free finish without being too heavy was very appealing. Plus their Lasting Finish has been a long time love also! So as always I thought I would share my testing and thoughts with you lovely people. I hope this little review is helpful, do let me know your thoughts if you’ve also tried it below! 🙂

~ Rimmel London Fresher Skin Foundation : Test & Review ~


The foundation is fairly new to us in the UK. I came across is on Superdrug as it’s currently on offer for £5.99 (full price £7.99) and also working on 2 for £10. Boots also have stock as well as a few supermarket concession stands. As it’s new there isn’t a lot of swatch info to be found online, luckily they had them in my local Superdrug so I could do so myself! 

Colour & Formula :  There are 6 shades in the range, as you can guess I got the lightest shade 010 Light Porcelain which is a cool toned shade as you can hopefully tell. The rest proceed to get warmer in tone, this is one to swatch in store not go by online ones! Formula wise it’s a strange one; it looks very thick in the jar, but when you swatch it feels almost mousse’y but with a gel’ness to it too. It feels very light and smoothes into the skin. There is a slight ‘clean’ scent to it, much like the other Rimmel foundations, but nothing too strong.

PicMonkey Image

Product Claims :   

” Fresher Skin Foundation offers light breathable coverage for an even, natural-looking, fresh finish that stays shine-free all day. The ultra-smooth texture is easy to apply & blends perfectly, for a barely there feel that does not clog pores and lets skin breathe with added SPF 15.  Natural mineral powders help absorb excess oil presenting shine, while the formula with Aloe, Chamomile & Sea Algae extracts help reduce redness and evens out natural skin tone. For a freshly applied natural-look and feel, shine-free throughout the day! ” superdrug.com

Time To Test!

Light Make Up = over moisturiser, under light concealer 

As before, the formula is odd but very lightweight- a little goes a long way and it feels like a gel on the skin. As you blend into the skin it feels very cooling whilst quickly drying down. I initially, as always, blended it in with a buffing brush which didn’t give the best finish..very streaky with major brush marks. Again as always, I then go over everything with a sponge to further blend- which did make things a lot better! I would say this foundation applies the best with a sponge. The colour match for me is really good!

After one layer you have a very light, even and natural coverage as promised. I still had some faint redness peaking though on my cheeks but everything else looked better. It does have a semi-matte finish whilst feeling very lightweight. I went in with another layer on my cheek, chin and t-zone to see how if it was buildable which wasn’t the best..


I’m not sure if I would say it applies and blends perfectly, due to the lightness of the formula. When you look closely it defiantly clings to any dry areas and bumps- as you can hopefully see! However this was testing with a moisturiser and not a proper primer! I added a touch of concealer over my cheeks which luckily blended (with a sponge) ok. As this foundation claims to keep you shine free I went without primer to test the too!

On this day of testing I popped out to the local summer fete in hot / humid weather! I did add a touch of powder to keep everything at bay before leaving. After 3 hours or walking around my skin did feel a little oily, I also wore sunglasses which I could feel sliding off my nose. When I touched my face the foundation did transfer off slightly. I prepared to see a very oily and patchy face when home, but oddly (apart from where the glasses sat) things weren’t too bad. There was a dewiness to my skin but nothing the looked overly oily. You could still see where it had initially clung to problem areas. I have to say that the SPF did work as I normally catch the sun easily! Not as bad as I feared, but still not the best..

Full Make Up = over primer, under green concealer, light concealer and powder

A lot like the above, when blending out over primer, green concealer and light concealer it did look slightly patchy. The finish did improve when I went over everything with a sponge. It still felt cooling and ‘wet’ whilst blending. I think primer did make the overall finish look better. After powdering you could clearly see where it had clung to dry areas.


Again I was out in the hot & humid weather- I must say that after my natural oils had come through after an hour or so the finish did look better. Maybe that helped all the products merge together or something haha!? After 3 hours out my skin didn’t feel oily unlike with moisturiser, also still with a nice matte finish to my skin. It did again start to settle into fine line and dry spots but not as bad as before!

Towards the end of the day things did feel a little oily, but didn’t look too bad! The normal t-zone, chin and nose areas were glowing slightly- but nothing a few blotting sheets didn’t fix. It didn’t look like it had broken down anywhere major- since my ‘natural oils’ mixed everything together the finish oddly improved! 

So Overall..

Overall I am a bit conflicted on the foundation; when you first apply it does settle into some lines and can cling to dry patches making it look uneven. However, after an hour or so (with natural oil released) the finish oddly improves!? I would say it applies best with a sponge and is ok for building coverage. The SPF protection is defiantly there along with it’s shine-free keeping properties. A foundation that needs a good primer as a base and works ok with over base products. With my oily skin I am impressed with how it lasted and I would suggest trying out- especially if it’s still on offer!


As always please leave me your thoughts on this foundation below with any link s to your reviews! Also any recommendations for oily skin products too!?

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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