A W 1 6 : Fashion Findings #1

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How excited are you all that we are now in Autumn!? Colder weather, shorted day and all the jumpers / ankle boots / scarfs coming into season! I am by far a more winter person than summer, and now the high-street brands have their winter collections creeping in..

It seems to me, although I may be mistaken, that this AW 16 colours are burgundy & khaki!


Hopefully I’m not alone with my love and excitement for these colours gracing our stores and wardrobes! I know this is probably very early and (like last year) I want to do some specific AW brand pick posts. But who cares right? I hope you like my picks- let me know you’re favourite bits and links to your own posts below 🙂

A W 1 6  : Fashion Findings #1 ~

PicMonkey Image.jpg

(be prepared some very similar items haha!)

N E W   L O O K 


Burgundy Lace Up Top £9.99  : Oh, how I adore this colour! The lace up detailing has been a hot all summer and it seems set to continue. I like how the detail adds to an otherwise plain top, and can be worn for all occasions. A top that works with trousers, skirts, pinafore dresses and (again) can easily be dressed up or down. You can find all types of tops / colours in this style! A bargain at £9.99!

Black Velvet Chunky Boots £29.99Every year I have the inaugural ankle boot buy from New Look! They are always so comfy, cheap and last well. These wouldn’t be an everyday pair for me, but I love the velvet finish- plus the chunky style makes them look really comfy. Again, another piece with could be dressed up or down! Hopefully you can get these in a plain black too..

Khaki Cold Shoulder Shirt £15.99The second key coloured item; the cold shoulder shirt has been a style that’s grown on me. Enough classic tailoring with the modern casualness of the cold shoulder. Paired with simple black jeans and heels, a easy going out outfit! You can find these shirts everywhere in 100 colours and patterns. 

Velvet Platform Heels £27.99The second velvety shoe I know..but just look how pretty these are! With a deep red fabric these shoes scream luxe and want. I personally prefer chunky heels and these are (again) a style that can be easily dressed up or down! Sadly I never have occasion to wear such fancy shoes..

Embroidered Floral Panel Sheer Top £24.99 I keep debating if I can justify £24.99 for this top! These types of tops are a staple for me, just enough detail to be statement but not OTT. Perfect for the (dare I say) beckoning festive seasons with the dinners and parties!Floral embroided pieces are key for the season; jeans, bomber jackets and bags. Hopefully this will soon go on sale..!

H  &  M


Long Split Side Jumper £14.99 I can never have enough H&M jumpers, so affordable and long wearing! Anything with splits or ventilation in thick fabrics is great haha. Very easy to wear casually or dress up with a statement necklace. H&M always have 100’s of jumpers in 100’s of colours- watch this space haha!

Green Textured Shoulder Bag £24.99 How could I not include a H&M handbag in this post!? If you’ve read any of my fashion-y posts before I’m a lover of their bags. Again with the key green seasonal colour it’s stunningly simple. The croc effect detailing adding another texture in the outfit. 

Lace Up Pattern Blouse £14.99 I am in love with this top; the style, pattern and colour! Slightly over-sized tops but still with enough detailing are all the my wardrobe has. I don’t know what it is about this lace-up detail that calls to me so much? I may have to splurge on this little number..

White Plaid Scarf £7.99 Aside from ankle boots, scarfs are one of my favourite Autumn / Winter pieces! They cover you up, are just enough to keep you warm with a yearly selection of pattern trends. I have last years Primark reverse version of this which I wore to death! £7.99 is quite a nice price so it may go in the basket when I order the above hehe!

Stripe Ribbed Turtleneck £14.99 Now, I don’t think I have the figure to wear these slim tops- but I still love the look! A lot of these tops come part of a two piece skirt duo which has the 70’s vibe. I’ve never been 100% on the knitted skirt aspect but you super slim gals out there can wear them! Again a style the comes in 1000 colours , I think is here to stay!

I hope you enjoyed my picks, do let me know your favourites below! Hopefully there will be some more fashion posts as more gets released onto our high-streets.

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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