Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss 15 Year Collection : The Nudes

Hello 🙂

Oh my, how beautiful are these lipsticks…

I’m sure you’ve all seen these new Kate 15 Year Collection lipsticks in your local Superdrug or Boots. The original Kate lipsticks have been a favourite of mine for years, 03 in particular. For the price they have a semi matte finish and do last well on the lips fairly well. So when I saw these stunning rose gold packaged ones my heart skipped a beat! Plus on a 2 for £10 and with some gift cards handy the stars as they say, were aligned. You may remember seeing these on my Instagram..

I hope you enjoy this little swatch / mini review post, let me know what you think of these or what you’ve got!

~ Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss 15 Year Collection : The Nudes ~


There are 6 shades in this limited edition range celebrating 15 years or Kate Moss & Rimmel London;

51 Muse Red   /   52 Idol Red   /   53 Retro Red   /   54 Rock ‘n’ Roll Nude   /   55 My Nude   /   56 Boho Nude

The standard Kate range has a whole variety of shades, with this range showcasing a special edition of nudes and reds- each created by Kate herself! You’ll know my obsession with neutral lip shades if you’ve been reading for a while- or follow my Instagram haha!

I know I’ve titled this ‘The Nudes’ even though I did get one of the deeper, neutral reds! The other two shades Muse Red & Idol Red are too red for me, I don’t really wear red as it can wash me out- plus I’m not that brave. And yes, all these nude shades are very similar..but not the same haha!

The shades I have are;


I love the three nude shades, the ‘Retro Red’ is nice but not one I would wear daily!

Having worn each of these for a week or so now they are much like the original Kate Lipsticks in formula. The colour pay off is good, they are very comfortable on the lips and they do last very well. And again the packaging is simply stunning! 55 & 54 wear really well and where they do wear away you cant really tell.

For £6.49 each I think they are £1 more than the regular Kate lipsticks. I’d say this is a pretty standard ‘drugstore’ price plus there are always deals on!

I’m so pleased with these lipsticks and how pretty they look on display! The formulas are as good as ever and I can’t wait to see the next batch..

Do let me know your favourite shades and if you’ve got them too below!

Thank You So Much For Reading 🙂


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